Remember a few weeks ago when we told you we were going to be making some changes around here? Well, they're not really going to be around here. Instead, they're going to be here. We had Daniel Givens, the Emperor of the Internet, King of Computers, Maestro of Machines, spruce up our little idea and turn it into something pretty. So, if you wanna look tight online, contact Daniel. He did the Halcyon site, too.



Big party tonight at Little Hamilton for all the non-Mountain Goating Final Fantasy-ers with Bad Cop, Spanish Candles, Cy Barkley, Devil Eyes, The Cannomen, Deluxin', Mother Whale Eyeless. It starts at 7PM sharp and is FREE! All the mamis and papis will be there. Oh, and Ben, tomorrow night's Blues Control show is DEFINITELY AT BETTY'S NOT DINO'S! Welcome.


We guess it's just a So-Cal kind of week [Ty, Splinters, now Beaters... yeesh] Anyways, Beaters are from San Diego, where lo-fi runs like rivers and the punks spring up like wildflowers. They've got one release to their namesake right now, the Fishage 7" on Single Screen Records/Volar Records [Craig from Xmas Island's label], but they've got a whole handful of others chalked up for the near future [Including another 7" on Zoo Music <-- run by a Dum Dum Girl and a Crocodile, a new cassette, and a CDR comp.] We haven't heard word of a tour anytime soon, but we're a-hoping and a-wishing and a-thinking a-bout it.

Pick up the Fishage 7" here.



Ladies, we started writing our review for last night's Bruce Springsteen show and after reading it a couple times we realized that it was riddled with personal sentiments to our childhood and how we should probably just call our moms and thank them everyday for raising us on The Boss. It also made us realize that there's really not a reason to review the show last night. You know it was a great show. You know Bruce crowd-surfed and belted out Born To Run and took our "Merry Christmas Boss" sign and played "Santa Clause Is Coming to Town". You know Tyler Glaser was there. And you know all the blue-collared Gods were dancing in the streets. So let's leave it at that, right? Right.

And mom, thanks a ton. There's no one else we'd rather be in the front row with [3 times]


The Weakends are from Atlanta, GA. Just kidding! They're from France, but from listening to them you'd definitely think they could be an Atlanta band. In fact, our buddy Hondo from Atlanta was the one that directed our attention to the French beaus. Let's put all the Black Lip comparisons in our pockets and just say that The Weakends do a great job of producing loud, catchy, 60s-garagey, sing-a-long-y, sorta punky, kind of Black Lips-y, kind of Demon's Claws-y jams. I guess the Black Lips comparison slipped out. Whatever. Their debut LP was released earlier this year on Rob's House [along with a 7"] and it'll stay on your table for weeks. Not your kitchen table, your turntable. No word as to when the boys will return stateside for another tour, but hopefully sooner than later.

You can pick up their LP here. Do ittt.


Cy Barkley @ Glenn Danzig's :: Photo by Bekah Cope

Guys, cool it down a bit, you're original plans for Friday night might not come to fruition, but there's always a silver lining. Well, maybe "silver lining" isn't the right phrase. Is there a word for something that's a second-option that's actually better than your first-option? Maybe that's just good luck. Anyways, there's a HUGE show at Little Hamilton on Friday with 5 of your favorite local bands and one band from Montreal: Cy Barkley // The Cannomen // Deluxin' // Mother Whale Eyeless // Spanish Candles // Bad Cop // Devil Eyes. Devil Eyes is the one from Montreal. Still not sure if it's worth it? It's free. See you there!!

:: Devil Eyes
:::: Bad Cop
:::::: The Cannomen
:::::::: Cy Barkley
:::::::::: Mother Whale Eyeless
:::::::::::: Deluxin'
:::::::::::::: Spanish Candles
@ Little Hamilton
$FREE - All Ages - 7PM

A little birdie told us there might be some free refreshments for the of-age crowd.... ?


Aside from being the best new place to catch all-ages shows in Murfreesboro, YEAH! is also the best new place for kids to hangout and be creative and super artsy-fartsy and stuff. And if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, this Monday sounds to be like a primetime opportunity. They're throwing a Friends of YEAH! party this upcoming Monday [Nov. 23 from 7-9PM] to show off their new digs and to help raise money for the facility. If there was ever a good reason to shell out $20/month, this is it. What's more important than teaching the babies how to record and screen-print and act and everything fun? Right? Well, visit this page right here if you'd like to read a little more about it or if you'd like to donate.



Before you get super stoked about a band who's logo is a burger with shades, we need to go ahead and tell you that Traditional Fools don't play no mo'. This is one of Ty Segall's old bands out on the West Coast that, along with everything else Ty touches, is gold. They've had a couple of releases: an LP on Wizard Mountain, cassette on Burger Records, some live bootlegs, blah blah blah. They're a little hard to find, but make the extra effort. Trust us. Are we allowed to do this? Should we be telling you guys about bands that don't play shows anymore? I mean, if we're doing that, we might as well talk about James Gang or The Move or something, right? OK, this is the last defunct-band post we will make [probably. Not gonna promise anything.]

That's one of our all-time favorite vids. Makes us pine for summer. Hard.



Oh, you babies are too nice. Our friend Cooper out in Murfreesboro went and sent us some mail reviewing Sunday night's Looking Glass // Kindergarten Circus // Cheap Time show and we wanted to go ahead and share it with you. Maybe a regular contributor on our hands? Or atleast Nashville's Dead's ambassador to Murfreesboro? Yeah. And our bebe, Olivia Throckmorton, snapped some pics for us. Check them out after the letter.

Dear Nashville's Dead,

Whoa baby! Sunday night was a good night to be in Murfreesboro. When I heard The Looking Glass, Kindergarten Circus, and Cheap Time were playing at YEAH, I knew somebody somewhere had done a good thing.

Anyways, I got there right before The Looking Glass started their set. Those kids play some sweet 60s psych-garage jams, and they look the part too. It wasn't long before my feet were tappin' and my hands were clappin'. I talked to the boys after their set and they said they're working on a cassette right now that should be out soon. Can't wait for that!

After them, The Kindergarten Circus set up shop and, as always, they kicked out the gems. Dillon and the bad boys harnessed their teenage angst [or hormones?] and churned through song after song, mostly sampling from their debut LP. I went upstairs for a little while to play pool because I'm still a little sour about Dillon sticking his finger in my mashed potatoes the other day, but you should definitely check them out tomorrow night if you're not going to see The Boss.

Glam-bam-thank you ma'am-ers, Cheap Time, totally exceeded my expectations. And those were some HIGH expectations. This was the last show of a month-and-a-half long tour, so they were super tight. Novak and Steven blazed through their set, playing pretty much the entirety of their first LP and a handful of new songs ["Down the Tube" is THE JAM] I talked to Jeffrey after the show, and apparently that month-and-a-half tour included a pit stop to record the next LP! Stoked? Duh.


P.S. If you haven't checked out the YEAH facility, you totally should. Cool things are happening there.




Thanks again, Cooper and Olivia. You two kimosabes rule.


So last week our buddies Arish and Mark [King Khan & BBQ] came to town with our lovely lady-friends Those Darlins. Rocking that hard should be against the law. Maybe it is? Just kidding, Kristin. Anyways, it was a great show from both bands. Those Darlins opened up the night and totally blew everyone away with a cover of "Lonesome Cowboy Bill" and the hits just kept rolling. Pretty much the perfect setup for a King Khan & BBQ Show show. The two, along with tour buddy Leo manning the keys, took the stage and killed it. Played all the jams. All of 'em. New ones. Old ones. Forgotten ones. Blah blah, here are the photos [courtesy of Bekah Cope, of course]




Oh, hey, the Splinters are just a group of 4 baby-ladies that love to rock in Oakland. That's a lie. They're way more than just 4 lovely ladies rockin' on the ones and twos. We just meant to say that their not anything totally groundbreaking. Which isn't a bad thing at all. When your songs sound like the best of the 90s riot grrrl, shangri-las-y, fuzzy-punky jams, how can you complain? They put out a 7" on Double Negative for their song "Splintered Bridges" earlier this year and it blew us away [we've got one of the 40 hand-painted covers, suck it nerds.] If you ask us, you guys can keep your Vivy Gals, we'll take the Splinters. No word as to when we can expect any other releases, but hopefully sooner than later. Aquarrius thinks they should do a split with Brilliant Colors, we can't say we disagree.


This almost totally slipped our minds, but when we were doing The Rundown yesterday we remembered that Blues Control are coming to town Saturday night to play at Dino's [or Betty's?] Blues Control [who just put out a new LP, Local Flavor, on Siltbreeze and have other releases from Holy Mountain and Fusetron] are a duo from Queens who have a walkman for a drummer, use keyboards, tapes, a four-string Cort electric guitar, and effects to make all those beautiful sounds. Cool, right? They're hitting Nashville on Saturday with the Cherry Blossoms and Ttotals, which is a fucking great bill. We know there's that other big show going on over at Little Hamilton [that we'll talk about later] but this is really a show to not miss. Here's a video and little Blues Control sample for ya...

Saturday November 21
:: Blues Control
:::: The Cherry Blossoms
:::::: Ttotals
@ Betty's? Dino's? C'mon guys.
$5 - 9PM

Blues Control's got a few more dates lined up after this Saturday before they head home. Check them out here. And pick up their new LP here.


We miss you, babies. We can't wait for the 28th. It's gonna be the real deal primetime. Oh and, Jake, that shirt rules. Our buddies over at Blackbird and CMRTYZ designed that for a Beets // Ty Segall show a while ago. Wish we had a couple...



Gutsies is a good name for a band. They're a Brooklyn band featuring our good buddy Jacob [He drums for The Beets, but he plays guitar and sings in this band. Talented, yes? Yes.] Gutsies don't get to play too many shows since The Beets are all the hooplah in NYC these days, but seeing them live is great. They load their guns with straight pop rock jams and they aim to kill. And they're sure shots. Bullseye. As of right now, they're yet to have any official releases, but we know they've got plans to put something out on Captured Tracks in the near future. Be on the lookout for it and love them with your hearts.

Last week was a good week for house shows. This week is a good week for bigger shows. Know what we're saying? You got the Boss and John Fogerty this week along with a BIG show at Little Hamilton on Friday. Plus lots of indie-blag-a-blag bands [Mountain Goats, Final Fantasy, Elvis Perkins, etc.] Get out!

Monday November 16

:: Daniel Pujol
:::: TV Torso
:::::: Darwin Deez
:::::::: Looks Like a Snake!
@ The Rabbit Hole
$TBA - All Ages - 8PM

:: White Denim
:::: Brazos
:::::: And the Relatives
@ The Basement
$10 - 21+ - 9PM

:: Paleface
:::: Allen Thompson
:::::: Michael Ford Jr & Apache Relay
@ The End
$5 - 18+ - 9PM

:: Girl on Fire
:::: Monsters on Television
:::::: The Dynamite Operators
@ Springwater
$TBA - 21+ - 9PM

Tuesday November 17

:: AA Bondy
@ Grimey's New & Pre-Loved Records
$FREE - All Ages - 6PM

:: Elvis Perkins
:::: AA Bondy
@ Mercy Lounge
$10 - 18+ - 9PM

Wednesday November 18

@ Sommet Center
$Do whatever you can to go - All Ages - 8PM

:: Heavy Trash
:::: Kindergarten Circus
:::::: Daniel Pujol
@ The End
$10 - 18+ - 9PM

:: Mickey Avalon
:::: Beardo
:::::: Ke$ha
@ 12th & Porter
$We used to go to school with Ke$ha. She doesn't have a butt.

:: Austin Manuel <----- EP Release
:::: Evan P Donahue
:::::: Peter Barbee
:::::::: Nite Nite
@ Mercy Lounge
$8 - 18+ - 8PM

Thursday November 19

:: Invisible Breakfast Party
@ Little Hamilton
$FREE - All Ages - 8PM

:: Brooke Waggoner
:::: El Obo
@ The Belcourt
$TBA - All Ages - 8PM

:: World Bazaar
:::: Business Casual
@ Springwater
$5 - 21+ - 9PM

Friday November 20

:: Cy Barkley
:::: The Cannomen
:::::: Deluxin'
:::::::: Spanish Candles
:::::::::: Mother Whale Eyeless
:::::::::::: Bad Cop
:::::::::::::: Devil Eyes
@ Little Hamilton
$FREE - All Ages - 7PM

:: The Mountain Goats
:::: Final Fantasy
:::::: Larkin Grimm
@ Mercy Lounge
$16 - 18+ - 8PM

Saturday November 21

:: Deluxin'
:::: Marj!
:::::: Evolve
:::::::: Square People
:::::::::: Grandmother
@ Little Hamilton
$5 - All Ages - 8PM

:: Blues Control
:::: The Cherry Blossoms
:::::: Ttotals
@ Dino's or Betty's?

:: Dan Auerbach
:::: Justin Townes Earle
:::::: Jessica Lea Mayfield
@ Cannery Ballroom
$25 - 18+ - 9PM

Sunday November 22

:: John Fogerty
@ The Ryman
$51.50-$67 - All Ages - 8PM

:: Jucifer
:::: Gnarwhal
:::::: Look What I Did
:::::::: Evil Bebos
@ The End
$5 - 18+ - 8PM



The sleaziest sleaze on the seven seas. Exactly. This Minneapolis punk band is one of the few bands we can think of who's name is the only word that perfectly describes their music. So, if you're not into fast, loud, snotty rock and roll, go ahead and skip this one. At first listen you'd probably think, "This has to be on the wrong speed. Let me try it on 33rpm. Oh shit, I guess it is supposed to be on 45rpm. Whoa." Conor's vocals are high-pitched and repetitive, but in the best way. As far as we know, they've only one got official release to their name [The Somkin' Fuckin' Cigs Single pictured above, available on Fashionable Idiots] and good luck finding it anywhere around here. We were lucky enough to pick it up in Chicago back in the Spring. The boys did a short tour earlier this year [Neglecting the southern states. C'mon guys, we'd throw the best show for you.] But they don't often leave the Great Lake area. Yeah. Sleazy.


Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp and all our favorite local designers/vintage mamis are getting together to make your Monday better. Because the cure to a bad Monday is killer vintage finds along with some girl-rock. FOR FREE. I mean, you'll have to pay for whatever goodies you find, but you can come and hangout and listen to the music for free. The girl on the flyer up there looks like she found a REAL party dress, but we don't really condone that kind of thing. You know, keep it a mystery for us, it makes us want it more. Anyways, it's going down in East Nashy at Fanny's House of Music from 6-10PM. Pretty much everything you could need to know is covered in that flyer.



Let's Party! We love Friday the 13th. Lots. So, to celebrate, we're going to tell you about 13 sort of Nashville-related things we're stoked for. Sound good? Wrong. It doesn't sound "good", it sounds great!
  1. This weekend. We're stoked for this weekend because of the Symptoms release show, the Daniel Pujol/Spandy Candles house show, and for the Cheap Time / Looking Glass / Kindergarten Circus show at YEAH! All the info for those shows can be found in early posts. Check them out.
  2. Fall in Nashville. We're right in the prime-time for Nashville's Fall season. All the trees look pretty, the breezes are breezy.... Who wants to go to the Parthenon?
  3. Bruce Springsteen and John Fogerty. The Boss & Co. are coming to town next Wednesday and John Fogerty is back here on Sunday. This in itself could probably cover numbers 1 - 13, but that just wouldn't be fair to you, would it? Also, has anyone seen that clip from the Hall of Fame show at MSG where Bruce and John are playing TOGETHER? Makes you wanna cry.
  4. Burn to Shine: Atlanta. We don't know when/if this is ever going to come out, but we're huge fans of the Trixie DVD series. And with a lineup of artists as bad as that [Black Lips, Mastadon, ANDPW, Carbonas, etc.] we just can't wait to watch.
  5. Michael Jackson. He'll never die.
  6. Night People. One of our favorite labels right now has got a bunch of upcoming releases. Including stuff from Tyvek, The Polyps, Taterbug, The Twerps, and lots of other great bands. Go here and check them out.
  7. Bad Sports LP. Our babies down in Denton, TX are putting their debut LP out next week on Douchemaster Records. If it's anything like the cassette and couple of 7"s they dropped us back in August, we'll be stoked. Someone told us it sounds kind of like Jawbreaker's first LP.
  8. Our next 2 radio shows. Seeing as how these next 2 shows could very well be our last at WRVU, we're gonna really kick out some jams and blast the waves to bits. Be sure to tune in on Thursday from 4-5PM.
  9. Older music. We can't stop listening to James Gang, R Stevie Moore, Todd Rundgren, Abner Jay, The Weeds, Smoke, Primitives, blah blah blah blah blah. This 13 thing is kind of hard so we're stretching now. Sorry.
  10. SAFG. Those boys have got some real big stuff stewin' in their crock-pots. More specifically, a BIG show Nov. 28 at Little Hamilton that we'll tell you all about next week.
  11. - 13. We're done with this. I know, it's pretty lame of us to bail when we've only got 3 more things to list, but we're hungry so it's time for some Gabby's and then nightlife.


King Tuff's Was Dead [Originally out on Vegetable Records but got a wider release from Colonel Records] was the best album to come out last year [suck it, Fleet Foxes] And you're probably already kind of aware of King Tuff, or atleast one of Kyle Thomas's projects [Witch, Happy Birthday, Feathers] We looked into King Tuff a while ago when our ATL buddy Gentleman Jesse did a cover of the song "Connection" for his Whirlyball 7", and we haven't looked back since. It's just like these 70s-glammy-psychedelic-rock jams drenched in honey: it's so sweet and great and it sticks with you forever. But you don't mind it sticking all over you. And his songs just hit you right in your pop-vulnerable pressure points right away, not giving you a chance to not like it. And, osh-kosh-my gosh, we could listen to that guitar all day. Seriously guys, if you aren't listening to this on the daily, get on it. Pick up Was Dead here.

Kyle's other band Happy Birthday is putting out a record in early 2010 with SubPop. Scoop it !
We know, we know. Lots of WRVU hooplah going around right now, but I mean would you really want us to be on the radio anymore? We don't play enough Radiohead or Animal Collective to qualify for the new WRVU standards [Atleast, we don't really think so?] So for the next couple weeks we're just going to kick out the jams and then figure out some dream-streamy stylee radio show type of thing to do here. Sound good? Then we don't have to censor ourselves. ANYTHING GOES ON THE INTERNET! GOIN' VIRAL!

A BIT STRANGER [11.12.2009]
  • The Cravats // Dregs
  • Kleenex // Ain't You
  • Death // Rock N Roll Victom
  • Cock Sparrer // We Love You
  • The Replacements // Red Red Wine
  • Nicky & The Dots // Never Been So Stuck
  • Buzzcocks // Everybody's Happy Nowadays
  • Wasted Youth // Baby
  • Motley Crue // Looks That Kill
  • King Tuff // Sun Medallion
  • The Weeds // You Must Be A Witch
  • Graffiti Island // Head Hunters
  • DuneBuggy // W Thing
  • Deluxin' // Dixie Cup
  • Delta5 // Colour
  • Magic & The Johnsons // Friends Mistaken For Brothers
  • The James Gang // Earthshaker



If we've said it once, we've said it probably more than once: Daniel Pujol is a hard-working dude. In our list of Hardest Working Nashvillians, he's definitely in the top 5. He's got his cassette release tonight [we'll post about that again later] two more house shows lined up in the next week, couple more shows on top of that, recording for a 7", and getting ready for another tour [And he's been writing up some gems for us, you'll see soon.] Oh, and he's in grad school right now?! Geez. Anyways, here's some info about a couple other shows he's playing coming up. This Saturday at The Willow with Spandy Candies and a couple touring bands and then Monday night at the Rabbit Hole with Looks Like a Snake [one of the most underrated local bands, those guys rule], TV Torso, and Darwin Deez. How's that grab ya?


We can't remember if we've ever mentioned these guys on here before, but if you've ever been around us for an extended period of time we've probably told you about Liquor Store. It's our buddy Sarim's band up in New Jersey. We used to catch them on the reg back when we were in the New York groove, and they even hit Nashville over the summer with Mahonies, Wieners, and JTB [one of the best shows we saw this summer] at the Springwater. Who's ready for some counting? That's six guitars up there. SIX! Oh my god these dudes shred so hard. Nothing's currently available for purchase, but just bookmark their myspace and listen to them on the daily. That's what we do. Our baby-girl, PopJew [who's crushing on Natty Child pretty hard] loves them, too. Not only does Liquor Store really kickass with their songs, but they're the most entertaining funniest band we've ever seen. And we've seen funny bands. Plans for the boys are to maybe visit the city in January, we'll keep you posted. Here's a video of them playing their #1 Hit Single "Trash Sandwich" at Bamalama Fest.

Some people would describe Liquor Store's live show as a religious experience. Let's leave the religious experiences to Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Ok? Liquor Store's show is more like the absolute absence of a religious experience. Tears your fuckin' heart out, girl. Yo-Ster pretty much sums them up here.



What better way is there to celebrate Veteran's Day than with Those Darlins and The King Khan & BBQ Show? Yeah! With the way shows have been going in this town, you can go ahead and expect tonight to be a rocking and rolling BBQ storm full of fun. And our buddy Ben from Third Man Records is going to be on the ones-and-twos tonight, you know, slinging out all the best White Stripes, Dead Weather, Jack White-related jams there are [You're required to do that since you work for Third Man, right? Just yolking, baby. We know you've got your steez on lock.] Seriously guys, unless you're Lita-ing out tonight, make your way down to Exit/In: 1. King Khan + BBQ rule 2. Those Darlins rule and 3. Ben from Third Man really knows how to get 'em wet on the dance floor. See you tonight!!

:: King Khan & BBQ Show
:::: Those Darlins
:::::: DJ BFTM [Ben from Third Man]
@ Exit/In
$12 - 18+ - 8PM


Ok ladies, we've been doing this blog for a minute or two now and we're thinking about changing it up a bit. Don't worry, nothing drastic. How's abouts we talk about one new band everyday? They don't have to be from Nashville, we just have to like them. Sound good? I mean, we're still gonna keep doing all the Nashy-related goods. We just thought this might be a good way to up our content, you know, really get viral. WE'RE GOIN' VIRAL!

This all-star duo is from Orlando, FL and they've quickly become one of our favorite rock and roll tag-teams. Tim and Sam [arms above] shell out simple, raw, almost-kind-of-stupid punk jams. Because of the name of the band and the names of the songs [ "Friends Mistaken for Brothers" or "She Left Me for God" are both candidates for best trackname this year] you'd probably think this band is a joke. And you'd be kind of right. But also wrong. I mean, in a time where everything is over-produced and kids think that Miley Cyrus's "Party in the USA" is better than Jonathan Richman's "Parties in the USA", we just need something that we can listen to and hear that makes us think "Fuck that". So, I guess for us, listening to Magic and the Johnsons is like saying "Fuck you" to Miley and the Jo-Bros and all the mickey-moused bologna. Plus, we just really like it. Unfortuanately, M&TheJ's are now on hiatus because Tim is in the Air Force. Here's some photos from their last show from super rad Florida zine Kickbright. Sam's in another band called The Shreds and they are planning to go on tour in the early nether-parts of next year with St. Dad. Nashville. Yes?

Magic & The Johnsons have a tape out, I don't know how you can get it?



Word on the street is that Aerosmith are finally calling it quits! We typically don't like to bash on bands or mention bands that we're not big fans of around here, but we're pretty stoked at the idea of Aerosmith not being around anymore. Rumor is that Steve-y babe quit the band to pursue some solo stuff. We'll ring Liv up and get all the details tomorrow. As for now, we go out and celebrate the thought of it.

Liv didn't spill any juice to us. Some people are saying it's totally not true, but where would we be without wishful thinking?


What's the deal? Is Glenn Danzig's House the new place to do release shows or something? I mean, we don't mind, we were just curious. Anyways, your favorite Nashville punks, Symptoms, are releasing a new 12" and their having a big show on Saturday to celebrate. It's limited to only 150 copies and you can definitely expect them to sell out QUICK. From what we've heard, we can say that the 12" has easily become one of our favorite new releases. If that's not reason enough to come to the show, check out the rest of that bill! Cheap Time, who've been on tour for the last bit, are making their way back from the West Coast and will be in town to spray some glammy gems along with the Heavy Creamers and Cy Barkley to top it off. See you there!

:: Symptoms
:::: Cheap Time
:::::: Heavy Cream
:::::::: Cy Barkley
@ Glenn Danzig's House
$5 - All Ages - 8PM
Alright, alright, alright... We're back on the wagon this week. And it's a good week to get back on because there's lots of goods going down [Symptoms release show, Daniel Pujol/Nat Child release show, KK+BBQ/Those Darlins show] Anyways, enough jibber-jabber, let's get down in the gritty.

Monday November 9

:: Girl on Fire
:::: Veritas
:::::: Lasermouth
@ Springwater
$5 - 21+ - 9PM

:: The Coolin' System
:::: Fly Golden Eagle
:::::: Biscuits & Gravy
:::::::: Thunderbear
:::::::::: Cosmic America
::::::::::: Fireman's Daughter
::::::::::::: Grace Askew
::::::::::::::: Calamity Cubes
@ Mercy Lounge
$FREE - 21+ - 8PM

:: Lee Roy Parnell & Friends
@ The Basement
$12 - 21+ - 8PM

Tuesday November 10

:: Randy Rogers Band
:::: Lee Ann Womack
@ Exit/In
$15 - 18+ - 8PM [no joke]

Wednesday November 11
Happy Armistice Day!

:: King Khan & BBQ Show
:::: Those Darlins
:::::: DJ set by Ben from ThirdMan
$12 - 18+ - 8PM

:: Queensryche
:::: Lita Ford
@ Cannery Ballroom
$30 - 18+ - 8PM

:: Spider Friends
:::: Bad Cop
:::::: Diahrrea Planet
:::::::: The Inscape
@ The End
$5 - 18+ - 9PM

:: Gaia University & Wild Edibles Presentation
@ Little Hamilton
$FREE - All Ages - 7PM

Thursday November 12

:: Daniel Pujol <----- Cassette release!
:::: Natural Child <----- Another 7" release show?
:::::: Cy Barkley
:::::::: So Jazzy
@ The End
$5 - 18+ - 8PM

:: Jompson Bros
:::: Deep Vibration
:::::: TBA
@ The Basement
$5 - 21+ - 9PM

Friday November 13
Watch for black cats

:: Leach
:::: Furiosity 9
@ Graffiti Bar
$TBA - 9PM

:: Guilty Pleasures
:::: TBA
@ Mercy Lounge
$12 - 18+ - 8PM

:: Langhorn Slim
:::: Daws
@ The Basement
$10 - 21+ - 9PM

:: Umbrella Tree
:::: The Ocelots
:::::: The Nobility
@ 3rd and Lindsley
$TBA - 10PM

Saturday November 14

:: Symptoms <------ Record release!!
:::: Cheap Time
:::::: Heavy Cream
:::::::: Cy Barkley
@ Glenn Danzig's House
$5 - All Ages - 8PM

:: Daniel Pujol
:::: Spanish Candles
:::::: Riverbottom Nitemare Band
:::::::: The Involuntary's
@ The Willow
$3 - All Ages - 8:30PM

Sunday November 15

:: Cheap Time
:::: The Kindergarten Circus
:::::: The Looking Glass
@ YEAH [Murfreesboro]
$5 - All Ages - 7PM

So instead of changing the color of your skin, hit homeruns and go to shows and have fun. OK? Ok.



You totally thought we weren't going to post today, didn't you? Well, suck it, cake-eaters. We just wanted to stop in and remind you about your favorite Natural Children's in-store tomorrow afternoon at Grimey's. It happens at 6PM and there will be free booze for the of-age crowd [Natty Lite for Natty Child?] Hit it up! It'll be fun. Get off the toilet and go.

:: Natural Child
@ Grimey's New & Pre-loved Records
$FREE - All Ages - 6PM

Check out some pictures from the Natural Child tour on their blog.

Here's a video of the guys slinging out "Crack Mountain" at the in-store, for those of you who missed it.



We've been bustin' chops lately to try and keep up with our responsibilities [chores, homework, shows, shows, shows] You could've probably guessed that due to the lack of posts sometimes. I mean, we didn't post anything yesterday and we didn't even do The Rundown this week [Sorry] But things around here are going to change soonly. We're working on re-vamping the place and kicking some kinks and making it pretty again [We know, it's pretty. But it's no street-boner] We're also gonna increase the amount of posts around here [concerning Nashville shows, tours, releases, reviews, and non-Nashy music we dig] So yeah. Keep 'em peeled.
Great shows today! We played all the jams. Well, as many jams as you can play in like 45 minutes [You gotta figure in time for the required rotation music and talk breaks, knowwhatimean?] Anyways, enough chit-chat, here's what we had for you.

A BIT STRANGER [11/05/2009]
  • Those Darlins // Keep My Skillet Good & Greasy
  • Times New Viking // Move to California
  • One Gang Logic // Alienate [Kafka Laughs]
  • Ritual // Questioning the Shadow
  • Shattered Faith // Trilogy
  • Jah Wobble // Not Another
  • The Drutti Column // Sketch for Summer
  • DRI // Money Stinks
  • This Heat // Cenotaph
  • Adam & The Ants // Cartrouble
  • GG King // Adult Rock
  • Nodzzz // Controlled Karaoke
  • Black Lips // Robitussin
  • The Lewd // Kill Yourself
  • The Primitives // Sneaky Pete
  • Toro Y Moi // 109
  • The Ramones // Sheena Is a Punk Rocker
  • Bobby Darin // Splish Splash
That's a lot of songs. Remember to listen in on Thursdays from 4-5PM on 91.1 WRVU to catch the show. Yeah yeah yeah!


So if you're not going to Leonard Cohen tonight you're probably going to Willie Nelson, right? And if you're not going to Willie Nelson then you're probably going to.... The Springwater! Duh. The Mattoid, Jim Cheney, and Escape From Craggy Knoll are hitting the stage tonight for some real party time rock and roll. It's been a while since we've seen The Mattoid [They played with Jandek at the Basement last Friday, but we were a little busy with some other stuff] We very much encourage people to go out to this tonight, we've got a sneaking suspicion that it's gonna be wild. Ya know? Yeah.


Man, we are just full of release news for you today. Daniel Pujol, one of this town's best songwriters, is releasing a new cassette tape next week. It's called Ringo, Where Art Thou? and it's solid throughout. It's primarily a compilation of demos that Daniel and his beaus have been working on over the past little while [If you've been to his myspace at all lately, you've heard some of the gems] The other thing about the cassette is that it's practically a Wanted ad for a drummer for Daniel's band. So if you like what Daniel's laying down, get in touch with us at nashvillesdead[at]gmail[dot]com and we'll get you in touch. Here's a little sneak peek at the cassette with a free digi-downlow for Pujol's song "Too Safe"

Daniel and crew just got back from a tour [We caught them at CMJ and they killed it] And you can catch them a week from today [Nov. 12] at the release show with Natural Child [also releasing their 7"] Cy Barkley, and So Jazzy.


Well, it's Leonard Cohen day in Nashville. Everywhere we go people are scrambling around trying to get tickets to see the old crooner. Check this out: WE'VE GOT A PAIR OF TICKETS TO GIVE AWAY! Just kidding. Seriously, please don't email us about contest tickets. We already regret making that joke. Anyways, to get you ready for tonight...

Leo's got a couple more shows lined up after tonight. So if there's no fainting and you're down for a road trip, let us know. We'll cover the gas.


Photo by Bekah Cope

Check out who's got a new 7" slated for later this month. The dream-creamers are pressing a new single for Infinity Cat [We don't know which songs are going to be on it yet. We're pulling for "Watusi" that song rules] Word on the street is that it'll be limited to 100 copies. Which means you'd better be on the look and have some dollars in your hand because this will probably be gone real quick. Real quick. Cream Team has a show scheduled for Nov. 28th at The Springwater with JTB and Natural Child, maybe it'll be ready then? We'll keep you posted.

Speaking of pressing records, JEFF just sent Heavy Days in for a second pressing. When it comes back this time it'll have a DIFFERENT back cover! Man, I already had to buy three copies of the first pressing [black, yellow, and mixed] but now I'm gonna have to buy one from the second pressing too. Whatevers. My grandkids will go ga-ga for it one day.



A little bit of Ben Steine's Money

Last Friday wasn't Halloween, but it might as well have been. The show at Glenn Danzig's House was one of the most fun things we've been to in a.... I was going to say "in a long time" but there have been some really fun shows lately. I guess we'll just say that this show is just proof that the shows are getting more and more fun each time. Right? Well, the show featured 4 virtual unknowns [Ben Steine's Money, The Crumbs, So Jazzy, and Glenn Danzig's Band] along with Natural Child. All the bands were good. Really good. By the end of the night, Glenn Danzig's House looked like it had been hit by a bomb. Here are some photos from Natural Child's set and the wreckage [sorry we don't have any photos of the other bands, our camera was whack! All photos courtesy of Bekah Cope]

Glenn Danzig