Cy Barkley @ Glenn Danzig's :: Photo by Bekah Cope

Guys, cool it down a bit, you're original plans for Friday night might not come to fruition, but there's always a silver lining. Well, maybe "silver lining" isn't the right phrase. Is there a word for something that's a second-option that's actually better than your first-option? Maybe that's just good luck. Anyways, there's a HUGE show at Little Hamilton on Friday with 5 of your favorite local bands and one band from Montreal: Cy Barkley // The Cannomen // Deluxin' // Mother Whale Eyeless // Spanish Candles // Bad Cop // Devil Eyes. Devil Eyes is the one from Montreal. Still not sure if it's worth it? It's free. See you there!!

:: Devil Eyes
:::: Bad Cop
:::::: The Cannomen
:::::::: Cy Barkley
:::::::::: Mother Whale Eyeless
:::::::::::: Deluxin'
:::::::::::::: Spanish Candles
@ Little Hamilton
$FREE - All Ages - 7PM

A little birdie told us there might be some free refreshments for the of-age crowd.... ?

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Max and the said...

What's up Nashville's Dead? What's you all everybody's e-mail so we can send you some tunes. Or you can hear our NewCountryPunkWave stylings at http://maxandthewildthings.bandcamp.com . Next show is December 13th @ The Basement. http://december13.bandcamp.com