Remember a few weeks ago when we told you we were going to be making some changes around here? Well, they're not really going to be around here. Instead, they're going to be here. We had Daniel Givens, the Emperor of the Internet, King of Computers, Maestro of Machines, spruce up our little idea and turn it into something pretty. So, if you wanna look tight online, contact Daniel. He did the Halcyon site, too.



Big party tonight at Little Hamilton for all the non-Mountain Goating Final Fantasy-ers with Bad Cop, Spanish Candles, Cy Barkley, Devil Eyes, The Cannomen, Deluxin', Mother Whale Eyeless. It starts at 7PM sharp and is FREE! All the mamis and papis will be there. Oh, and Ben, tomorrow night's Blues Control show is DEFINITELY AT BETTY'S NOT DINO'S! Welcome.


We guess it's just a So-Cal kind of week [Ty, Splinters, now Beaters... yeesh] Anyways, Beaters are from San Diego, where lo-fi runs like rivers and the punks spring up like wildflowers. They've got one release to their namesake right now, the Fishage 7" on Single Screen Records/Volar Records [Craig from Xmas Island's label], but they've got a whole handful of others chalked up for the near future [Including another 7" on Zoo Music <-- run by a Dum Dum Girl and a Crocodile, a new cassette, and a CDR comp.] We haven't heard word of a tour anytime soon, but we're a-hoping and a-wishing and a-thinking a-bout it.

Pick up the Fishage 7" here.



Ladies, we started writing our review for last night's Bruce Springsteen show and after reading it a couple times we realized that it was riddled with personal sentiments to our childhood and how we should probably just call our moms and thank them everyday for raising us on The Boss. It also made us realize that there's really not a reason to review the show last night. You know it was a great show. You know Bruce crowd-surfed and belted out Born To Run and took our "Merry Christmas Boss" sign and played "Santa Clause Is Coming to Town". You know Tyler Glaser was there. And you know all the blue-collared Gods were dancing in the streets. So let's leave it at that, right? Right.

And mom, thanks a ton. There's no one else we'd rather be in the front row with [3 times]


The Weakends are from Atlanta, GA. Just kidding! They're from France, but from listening to them you'd definitely think they could be an Atlanta band. In fact, our buddy Hondo from Atlanta was the one that directed our attention to the French beaus. Let's put all the Black Lip comparisons in our pockets and just say that The Weakends do a great job of producing loud, catchy, 60s-garagey, sing-a-long-y, sorta punky, kind of Black Lips-y, kind of Demon's Claws-y jams. I guess the Black Lips comparison slipped out. Whatever. Their debut LP was released earlier this year on Rob's House [along with a 7"] and it'll stay on your table for weeks. Not your kitchen table, your turntable. No word as to when the boys will return stateside for another tour, but hopefully sooner than later.

You can pick up their LP here. Do ittt.


Cy Barkley @ Glenn Danzig's :: Photo by Bekah Cope

Guys, cool it down a bit, you're original plans for Friday night might not come to fruition, but there's always a silver lining. Well, maybe "silver lining" isn't the right phrase. Is there a word for something that's a second-option that's actually better than your first-option? Maybe that's just good luck. Anyways, there's a HUGE show at Little Hamilton on Friday with 5 of your favorite local bands and one band from Montreal: Cy Barkley // The Cannomen // Deluxin' // Mother Whale Eyeless // Spanish Candles // Bad Cop // Devil Eyes. Devil Eyes is the one from Montreal. Still not sure if it's worth it? It's free. See you there!!

:: Devil Eyes
:::: Bad Cop
:::::: The Cannomen
:::::::: Cy Barkley
:::::::::: Mother Whale Eyeless
:::::::::::: Deluxin'
:::::::::::::: Spanish Candles
@ Little Hamilton
$FREE - All Ages - 7PM

A little birdie told us there might be some free refreshments for the of-age crowd.... ?


Aside from being the best new place to catch all-ages shows in Murfreesboro, YEAH! is also the best new place for kids to hangout and be creative and super artsy-fartsy and stuff. And if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, this Monday sounds to be like a primetime opportunity. They're throwing a Friends of YEAH! party this upcoming Monday [Nov. 23 from 7-9PM] to show off their new digs and to help raise money for the facility. If there was ever a good reason to shell out $20/month, this is it. What's more important than teaching the babies how to record and screen-print and act and everything fun? Right? Well, visit this page right here if you'd like to read a little more about it or if you'd like to donate.