Our friends over at camp Black Lips just sent us this artwork for their new 7" coming out in the UK on August 24th. Obviously, it's for "Drugs" off of 200 Million Thousand. No word just yet on what the B-side is, but you should be able to scoop a copy up from their online store or at one of their European shows.



For a band that's been around since 2006 and only put out a handful of singles and a full-length, Davila 666 seem to have caught the ear of all the right people. It's easy to see why and hear why because their music is so instantly pleasing and their live show is, to say the least, stellar. They've drawn lots of comparison to our friends Black Lips, but we're not too sure how much we agree with that comparison. Maybe more of a Spanish Dead Boys making sincere pop songs? Nevertheless, it's flattering. And its really good. A very high percentage of Davila's fans in the states don't understand the lyrics to their songs, but that language barrier hardly matters because the music speaks enough. Just about every song on their self-titled debut chugs along with catchy, Spanish-filled choruses, and what more could you ask for? You want a song with jangly guitars and hand-claps instead of drums? OK, they do that too.

I caught them earlier this winter in Brooklyn at Don Pedro's and the show was a spliffs-and-riffs sweat bath. The 5 Davilas packed themselves in and proved that better things come from Puerto Rico than Jennifer Lopez and those flags that people like to put in the back windows of their cars. I'm sure it won't be any different when they grace the Springwater this Friday. Locals JEFF, Turbo Fruits, Heavy Cream, and Natural Child round out the bill; which, on its own night, is a great show. So having Davila 666 top that off means you don't have to go workout on Friday because you'll dance all the pounds off that night. Really guys, don't miss this Puerto Rican powerhouse.

Friday July 31, 2009
:: Davila 666
:::: JEFF the Brotherhood
:::::: Turbo Fruits
:::::::: Heavy Cream
:::::::::: Natural Child
@ Springwater - 21+

Davila 666 - Pingorocha Y La Diva Rockera (mp3)
Davila 666 are currently on In The Red Records. You can pick up their debut here. Or you can pick up their Douchemaster single or their new Hozac single.
Davila 666 is on tour now through September. Check their myspace for dates.


That old showspace, The Precinct, that we told you about earlier is officially back. However, it's now being referred to as Glenn Danzig's House, which is way better. The first show will be August 18th and features everyone's buddies Cannomen and Natural Child along with some really dirty bad-boys from Denton, TX Bad Sports. Not many bills come more solid than that.

In honor of this ressurrection/transitioning/morph, we give you this....


JEFF the Brotherhood just released this new 7" right before heading out on their most recent tour. It features one of the title tracks off their next magnum opus Heavy Days (due out in October) on the A-side with "Heavy Damage". There's some real riffage on this track. And like everything these brothers touch, its gold. The B-side doesn't disappoint either. Like the last few singles these guys have put out, its limited to a run of 300. You can pick it up here from the Crystal Swan Records site (which is weird to see these boys on anything but Infinity Cat) or you can hope that they haven't sold out of all of them yet and try to scoop one when they return.

JEFF the Brotherhood just announced a slew of new dates with Ty Segall - Ted Leo - Shonen Knife on their myspace
And you can keep up with their tour here

JEFF the Brotherhood - Heavy Damage (mp3)



This is also happening this weekend and we don't think anyone in the area has an excuse good enough to miss it. It's only showing twice at the Belcourt, midnight on Friday (July 31) and midnight on Saturday (Aug. 1) I mean, a girl gets eaten by a piano. It's guaranteed to be the best thing you see in theaters this lifetime. That's not a guarantee by the Belcourt, just by us. Even better, right?

Watch this and become a believer.



There are a couple new showspaces that seem to be popping up in the area. One is called "Garage 305" (seen it listed at Garage 308 sometimes though) or something. It used to be Club 24/8 and now books some pretty awful shows, but Natural Child and Velvet Davenport are playing there in August so maybe it's not so bad? It's listed as an all ages venue and the shows seem to be really cheap, and we're never ones to knock that kind of stuff. GARAGE 305 HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN. SORRY, MAMI.

Another space starting to have some shows is 2114 Elliott Ave. It's right around the Zanie's area and is a pretty great space. That's where the Cannomen and some others are playing this Saturday. Go by and check it out then.

And apparently the old Precinct on the corner of Allison & Southgate is under new jurisdiction. The boys taking over there should utilize that space because it's pretty rad. Hopefully, that house that hosted the Spanish Candles/Sound Tribe Sector Cy/Natural Child show last weekend will keep putting on. First basement we've been in with 20 ft. ceilings in a long time. Probably ever.


It's the last week of July and there are a bunch of good things going on to make you forget about this summer bummer month.


:: The Fordists
:::: The Black Powder
@Little Hamilton


:: Ga'an <---------- ex Cake Bake Betty
@ Grimey's New & Preloved
FREE - All Ages - 6PM

:: Ga'an
:::: Daniel Pujol
:::::: Denney & the Jets
::::::::: Reid & Wright
@ Little Hamilton
$5 - All Ages - 8PM


:: Burger Kingdom <----- Columbia, MO
:::: Reid & Wright
:::::: Marj
:::::::: Natural Child
::::::::::: Grand Mother
@ Little Hamilton
$TBA - All Ages - 8PM

:: Perhapsy
:::: Natalie Prass
:::::: Action!
:::::::: Daniel Pujol
:::::::::: Denney & The Jets
@ the 5 Spot
$5 - 21+ - 8PM


:: DAVILA 666 <------ Puerto Rico!
:::: JEFF the Brotherhood
:::::: Heavy Cream
:::::::: Natural Child
::::::::::Turbo Fruits
@ The Springwater
$TBA - 21+ - 9PM

:: Dawn
@ Little Hamilton
$TBA - All Ages - 8PM


:: Frosty
:::: Cannomen
:::::: Natural Child
@ 2114 Elliott Ave. Nashville, TN
House show! 8 or 9PM

::Heavy Heavy Cream Cream
:::: Nite Nite
:::::: Plex Plex
@ Exit/In
$TBA - 18+ - 9PM

That's what we've got so far! I HIGHLY recommend going to the Friday show at Springwater. I caught Davila 666 a while ago in Brooklyn and can definitely vouch for them. Plus, look at that support. JEFF, Turbo Fruits, and Heavy Cream will just be returning from tour and if you haven't seen Natural Child yet you are really missing out. We're more excited about them than we have been about anything in Nashville for the last while. See you at the shows!


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