Daniel Pujol is one busy dude. Between touring, writing, and grad school, we don't see how he has time to eat or sleep. He recently just put out his new zine, Rich Dick's Almanac, and it's pretty groovy. If you've read METAMOTORSPEEWAY: The Bristol Sessions [which you can pick up here] then you'll have an idea of the sorts of things that Daniel writes about. This new zine though, is supposed to be about "if Benjamin Franklin's Wario centrally planned an economy." One of the great things about Daniel's latest zine is that it's free! You can just send him an e-mail at danielsdreamdepo[at]gmail[dot]com and he'll send you a PDF version. What a babe, right?

Daniel also brought to our attention that the Richmond Zine Fest is right around the corner! It takes place this year on November 6th and 7th at Richmond's Gallery 5 [they also do some shows there] We'd describe to you what a zine fest is like, but it's pretty self explanitory: trading zines, selling zines, reading zines, zine-ing zines. If you've got the chance, definitely go check it out.

Daniel Pujol - Jimmie Rogers [mp3]

Daniel's got a few shows coming up soon [Oct. 5 w/ Dan Deacon, Oct. 10 Infinity Cat Night] and a bunch of out-of-town dates following that. Check it out here. He's also got a revamped lineup, watch out!



Sorry, but, we just have to say something. JEFF the Brotherhood is not a garage-rock band. Please, if you hear/see someone referring to them as "garage-rock" give them the old one-two. Don't get us wrong, we enjoy plenties of garage bands, we just don't like to see the boys get pigeon-holed into a genre that they've never fit into. So yeah. We're not exactly satisfied with Wiki's definition of garage-rock [not at all really] but we are definitely on board with this guy's idea of grunge...


Now that it's Fall and not a sloppy mess outside, we've been paying a lot more attention to the folkier section of our music collections. Mostly Dylan and Harlan Howard, but also a good bit of this guy. Kurt's been putting out records for a couple years now with labels like Mexican Summer, Woodsist, and Richie Records [they're kind of hard to come by on vinyl these days, but you might get lucky here] And just about everything he's done so far [with The Violators or without] has been pretty golden. It's something to definitely look into this week with the weather being how it is. There's just something about psychadelic-folk-rock and cold breezes that really get our lady wet. Kurt's got a new album, Childish Prodigy, coming out next week on Matador. You can stream the entire thing here.

[Pay no attention to that pig at the beginning. Weird.]

Kurt Vile - Freeway [mp3]
Kurt Vile - Red Apples [mp3]

Kurt's on tour now and going all over the place [No Nashville, but we're down to go to ATL on Nov. 3 if you guys are] check out the dates here.


[We looked for a screenshot of Bruce in High Fidelity, but couldn't find it. Deal.]

Dude, Boss, what's the deal? We thought Nashville was getting the special treatment because you had to bail on us last minute? Don't get us wrong, we're totally stoked that you're coming back and playing Born To Run in it's entirety, but now you've decided to give all your Giants Stadium stints the same pleasure and it's a little unfair. They get two nights of Born To Run, two nights of Born In The USA, and one night of Darkness on The Edge of Town? Come on. Not fair. We should atleast be able to vote on which one we get, right? No? OK, fine [Just in case you're reading, we would probably vote for Nebraska] You ARE the Boss and we will take what you give us. See you in November.


Oh man, we thought we'd lost these guys for good last summer when they were playing their "final shows" and Max and John up and left for god knows what. Thank Moses that Deluxin' is back in action once again with a new lineup [featuring Sean from Gnarwhal and Glenn from Cole's cloning lab, just kidding Glenn and Cole] They were supposed to play at Willy's house show a little while back, but things were ended a bit too abruptly for everyone to get their sets in. The good news is that you can catch the boys this weekend at Little Hamilton with Lazy Magnet [The Rhode Island boys who brought you Is Music Even Good? Check out a video of them here.] Evil Spirits & Nothing Berry Plasma [two no-wave weirdo bands from Baltimore] along with locals CrAow and The Grappler. Yeah! As always, you can head over to SAFG for a better write-up on this.

Saturday October 3rd

:: Lazy Magnet
:::: Evil Spirits
:::::: Nothing Berry Plasma
:::::::: CrAow
:::::::::: The Grappler
:::::::::::: Deluxin'
@ Little Hamilton
$5 - All Ages - 8PM

Do your ears a favor and pick up Black/White [Deluxin's full length] here.


Ya know, one of the best things about living in Nashville is Grimey's. There are few cities in the nation that do as swell a job as these babies do. I mean, they give you the best free all-ages instores ever, will order you any record you need, are the nicest people ever, and they prescribe to the ideals of beer:30. Oh, and every once in a while they do these huge party sales that are the best days of the year. Like the one coming up this weekend on October 3rd. They're calling it Rocktoberfst this year and it looks like it's going to be a ball as usual. The festivities start when the gates open at 10AM, so get there early to pick up all the $1 LPs and everything else they've got to offer [Like some Yazoo and Jimmy Carl's BBQ] The music starts at Noon and goes until the end of the day. For serious though, ladies, who wouldn't want to be a part of that up there??

Saturday October 3rd

:: The Shazam
:::: Oblio
:::::: Noot d' Noot
:::::::: Brooke Waggoner
:::::::::: Heavy Cream
:::::::::::: WARBAND
:::::::::::::: Patrick Sweany
@ Grimey's New & Pre-Loved Records
$FREE - All Ages - 10AM



Baby baby, we're doing a little sprucing up around here today so we're sorry if there's a shortage in posts. Not to mention today is Yom Kippur, so we should probably not be interwebbing in the first place. But whatever. We added a little side link over there on the right of the screen. See it? It says "FEATURES" You can click that link and it will take you where all the reviews/interviews/important shit goes. Cool, right? I guess it's not that cool, but whatever!


Our favorite brotherhood [sorry Jo-Bros] just announced that TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT they will start taking pre-orders for their new record Heavy Days. You ladies probably already know how much we love this album. Their last two shows in Nashville should be evidence enough that this album is going to be spinning for months [years for us] They've even got a few little extra treats planned for those who choose to pre-order. From the mouths of babes:
The pre-sale for our new record HEAVY DAYS will start at midnight on the Infinity Cat store. we are very excited, tell yr friends. Here are the details

The first 100 copies of the HEAVY DAYS lp are on beautiful opaque yellow vinyl and they are being PRE-SOLD on infinitycat.com ONLY! The LP comes with a free digital download of the entire album so you can put it on your ipod or computer too. And as an added bonus, each lp will come with 1 of 100 copies of the sold out cassette RAFIKI'S VISION on CD!!! Orders will ship 10/13 when the album is officially realeased. Get them while they're hot!
So there you have it! Get your limited yellow copy of Heavy Days tonight at midnight right here! And when you go, check out all the gnarly new things they've done to their site. It will make you jealous that your site is not nearly as cool. Thanks JTB. ND <3 JTB

What a week last week, right?? We were treated to LOADS of good touring bands and you got to see all your fave local babies. This week isn't too different. We're especially stoked this week for two things: 1. It's going to be October on Thursday [favorite month anyone?] and 2. ROKTOBERFEST at Grimey's on Saturday! Peep the rest of the goodies below...

Monday September 28
Happy Birthday Sean Landis

:: Starfucker
:::: Deelay Ceelay
:::::: Fuckshow
@ The End
$5 - 18+ - 9PM

:: Business Casual
:::: Lasermouth
:::::: Hunter
@ Springwater
$5 - 21+ - 9PM

:: BB King
@ BB King's Blues Bar, duh

:: The Worsties
:::: RT Gentlemen
:::::: Kink Ador
:::::::: The Effects
:::::::::: Mona
:::::::::::: Bravo Max
:::::::::::::: Daniel Ellsworth
@ Mercy Lounge
$FREE - 21+ - 8PM

Tuesday September 29

:: BB King
@ BB King's Bar again

:: Ali's Sweet 16 Shindig!
@ RCKTWN [is that how you spell that? don't go to this]

Wednesday September 30

:: Sunn O)))
:::: Eagle Twin
@ Mercy Lounge
$13-15 - 18+ - 8PM

:: Wake Up Call Movie
@ Little Hamilton
$FREE - All Ages - 7:30PM

:: Polaris <------- We are constantly on the search for our favorite Pete & Pete band
:::: The Poppy Fields
:::::: Schroeder's Revenge
@ Springwater
$5 - 21+ - 9PM

Thursday October 1

:: Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
:::: Charles Walker & the Dynamites
:::::: Maureen Murphy
@ Live On the Green
$FREE - All Ages - 6:30PM

:: Satan's Youth Ministers
:::: Lil Daggers
::::::The Humms
@ Little Hamilton
$5 - All Ages - 8PM

:: Heavy Cream
:::: Kintaro
:::::: Powerbrrrd
:::::::: Xpia
@ The 5 Spot
$5 - 21+ - 8PM

Friday October 2

:: Ray Price
@ Acuff Theater
$TBA - All Ages - 7PM

:: Birds of Avalon
:::: Hans Condor
:::::: Fly Golden Eagle
:::::::: Church of the Good Hustle
@ The 5 Spot
$5 - 21+ - 9PM

Saturday October 3

Grimey's Presents: OKTOBERFEST
:: The Shazam
:::: Oblio
:::::: Noot d' Noot
:::::::: Brooke Waggoner
:::::::::: Heavy Cream
:::::::::::: WARBAND
@ Grimey's New & Pre-Loved Records
$FREE - All Ages - 12PM

:: Lazy Magnet
:::: Evil Spirits
:::::: Nothingbery Plasma
:::::::: Deluxin'
:::::::::: Craow
@ Little Hamilton
$5 - All Ages - 8PM

A Concert for Stacy
:: Dharmakaya
:::: Fall With Me
:::::: Silent Friction
:::::::: Lovebucket & Slaphappy Superfly
:::::::::: Inglewood
:::::::::::: Creeping Cruds
:::::::::::::: Jah's Addiction
:::::::::::::::: Billy Goats
:::::::::::::::::: The Destructions
:::::::::::::::::::: The Blue Fades
@ The End
$5 - 18+ - 4PM

:: Leach
:::: World Champions
:::::: Dolcim
:::::::: Modernhell
:::::::::: Gnarwhal
@ Garage 305 <--- We heard this place closed down. Not sure if this show's actually happening. $5 - All Ages - 8PM

Sunday October 4

:: Go see Invasion of the Body Snatchers at The Belcourt and get ready for NBN


We almost totally forgot to put up the playlist from this week's show. Luckily for you, one of us has a head on their shoulders and is capable of doing something right around here. Forever Young wasn't around for the show this week, he was in Memphis with JTB having way more fun. Anyways, here you goooo....

A BIT STRANGER [9/24/2009]

  • Dinosaur Jr // Pieces
  • Wand // Urchins
  • Pre // Sleepwalk
  • Japanther // $100 Cover
  • Bo Diddley // Hey Bo Diddley
  • Those Darlins // Hung Up On Me [Congrats to the ticket winners!]
  • King Tubby // Satta Dread Dub
  • Daniel Pujol // Prowler
  • T2: Judgement Day Theme Song [Request]
  • Saint Vitus // Hallow's Victim
  • Screamers // If I Can Get What I Want
  • 8 Bit Weapon // Skate Bit
  • Neu! // Negativ Land


Willy T once again gave us a show to remember, but we almost missed it. Forever Young’s secret crush was having a birthday party over on music row; the thing was supposed to be a surprise, but somebody spilled the beans. We were too late for Marj! which was totally lame, but luckily we got the tape to tide us over [and a potential belated review sometime in the future] JEFF was amazing as always: Jamin kept the pace, Jake was on top of the amp, and Wes from Natural Child broke the guitar for a second and a full bottle of King Cobra forever. It took a minute for the crowd to get in the mood, but after old-school favorite "Doo It" people finally started moving. Chain and the Gang was something else. Little Hammy turned into a punk rock r/b revival with mister Chain as the reverend, preaching about sex, money, and who really shot JFK.

This post isn’t very well written, but bear with us. We're a little stoned from second hand smoke and super tired from the night before. Hope everybody had an awesome Shabbat, you know we did.



Seeing as it's Goner weekend in Memphis and we're not there anymore, we've decided to watch our favorite Memphis film, Mystery Train. It's a Jim Jarmusch film dealing with three different stories all centered around Elvis somehow. The flick features cameos from Steve Buscemi and fave babe Jay Hawkins. The movie's a little hard to find, but it's definitely worth the effort. Just check out the trailer.

BEN & CY FEST [In Pictures]

The first annual Ben & Cy Fest [We say annual because we really hope this becomes a yearly thing] was a total success! Nashville hasn't been treated to a show like that in quite a while: four great touring bands plus 2 awesome locals and for only $5? You're nuts if you missed out. Unless you have a good excuse, like you had swine flu or something. Anyways, here are some photos from ND photog Bekah Cope.

Mantles opened up the night perfectly with their balance of garage-y fuzz and pop gems. Sort of like if The Clean were from California and not New Zealand and they did a little more drugs back in the day. On top of that, they're probably one of the nicest bands we've ever met [same goes for Ty and the boys] They're debut self-titled record just came out a couple weeks ago on Siltbreeze. Go scoop it neow!

Without a doubt, Ty Segall [pronounced like sea-gull, no relation to Steven Seagal] was the highlight of the show. For us atleast. We've been blasting Horn the Unicorn and Ty Segall for a while now, so it was great to finally get to see him do his thing in the flesh and blood. Their bass player, Tim, was a real champ and played through his sickness like it was nothing. If Ty's coming to your town, definitely go out and see him. Just about everyone is working their asses off trying to make the kind of music that seems to come so effortlessly to him, and it probably seems that way because he's one of the best at it.

You know, not all bands can be the most fun thing to watch. If the pictures aren't evidence enough, let us just tell you that there was minimal movement coming out of these guys when they were playing. That's not to say that they weren't great though. They spilled out a few gems off of their new album, Heart Full of Sorrow, that really showed Nashville how a band can go from heavy black metal to poppy folk-rock in a matter of minutes.

The last out-of-town band to play was Woven Bones from Austin, TX. They churned out a few super chuggy Jesus & Mary Chain-y jams and a great Gun Club cover [Sex Beat] and topped off their set with a Ramones cover [I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend] The singer, Andy, is pretty off-the-wall and knows how to really get at your guts, but the two other babes in the band are pretty rad guys. If you see them out on the street, you should yell things like "Hey! Aren't you WOVEN BONERS!?" They love that joke.

Man, we will never get tired of these babies. I mean, do we really need to write a review of their show? Fine. It ruled. They rocked. So primal. We love them. Go see them. Blah blah blah blah blah.... Seriously, Heavy Cream, you are the apple of Nashville's eye.

Turbo Fruits had the hard task of following 5 awesome bands, but they did it seamlessly. We've never seen a guitar player climb up into the rafters and then continue to play hanging upside down. Kudos to you, Jonas. As is usual with these guys, they slung their guitars like guns and left the crowd in their dust as they blasted through some new jams off Echo Kid and some old gems. They closed out their set with a cover of "Teenage Kicks" and all the sweaty babies got a little wetter.

We got word from an inside source that there might maybe be a bootleg cassette in the near future of the show. If their is, you better believe we'll talk about it. And you better believe it'll be worth getting.



Hey fellas, we JUST got back from Memphis and are super tired. Like, really really tired. Drove all day yesterday, saw some shows [JEFF, Woven Bones, Cococoma, Fresh & Onlys, Ty Segall, Reatards] ate some really bad pizza, drank some BooKoo, and partied at the pool. We promise that tomorrow we'll have some good things for all you babies to read. And to look at. Like the photos from Ben & Cy Fest. Until then, we're going to catch a good night's sleep. You, on the other hand, should catch the show at Springwater tonight [Featuring Heavy Cream, Symptoms, Cannomen, and Cheap Time] See you in the A.M. mamis.

:: Cheap Time
:::: Heavy Cream
:::::: Symptoms
:::::::: Cannomen
@ Springwater
$TBA - 21+ - 9PM

** That's a Dash photo up there, still miss you everyday buddy. **



We're still just putting around Glenn Danzig's getting all the final touches taken care of. Meaning: we don't really have a lot of time to be blag-a-blagging today. Sorry. But! We would like to share two of our favorite bands with you...


Dunebuggy is the mindchild of Ryan Garbes [Wet Hair] and Taterbug. It might be the most fun thing we've found to listen to in a while. Imagine if two old ghosts got a hold of some drums and a sweet keyboard. Now imagine that they love to cover classics like "Wild Thing" and "Louie Louie" but they don't really know how so they just mash it all together. Now you've got it! They've got a cassette out on Night People, which you can pick up right here. It's really great. Don't expect a Dunebuggy tour anytime soon, or for them to come through Nashville. Just pick up the cassette and wishful think your way to sleep.

Dunebuggy - Money Honey [mp3]


Canada, sometimes you are so good to us. First Base are from Toronto, but they sound like they're from forever ago. When the music was REAL! That's just a joke. Kind of. That picture up there is the artwork from the I've Got A Girl 7" which came out a while ago on Pizza Party Records. Personal & The Pizzas even covered one of their songs on their Brass Knuckles 7". Shit man, someone get us to a beach party right now. Or after tonight.

Oh, and happy birthday BOSS



Sorry ladies, we're super busy getting ready for tomorrow's BEN & CY FEST at Glenn Danzig's House so we haven't had much time to cruise the world wide waves today. We strongly advise that you go to the show tomorrow. It's pretty much Goner Fest minus The Reatards and for only $5. What a steal! What a show! Go! And just for you...



It's hard for us to accept the fact that yesterday was the last time we'll be able to party at the Vine Ridge House, but we couldn't have asked for a better way to see it off. Again, a HUGE thank you to William for putting everything together, feeding everyone, boozing everyone, enlightening everyone, and showing everyone how to throw a house party. The following are all photographs that our own Bekah Cope took yesterday at the show. She wasn't able to catch quite everybody, and we've still got a roll of film to develop [EDIT: GOT THE FILM! CHECK IT BABESS!!] but here are the pictures so far. ENJOY!





Is this picture not the best picture ever?



Thanks for the photos Bekah. You are the babiest babe. And again, William, thank you.