It's the end of summer, which means the official end of SMMR BMMR! Hopefully. It looks like it's going to be a kind of slow week around here. But, hey, that happens sometimes. We've got a few things in store for this week that should brighten your days, but until then you should just get outside and enjoy this weather. Seriously.

Monday August 31

:: Daniel Pujol
:::: Denney & the Jets
:::::: Powerbrrrd
:::::::: Twee's Nuts
::::::::: Electric Mayhem
::::::::::: Minor Keys
:::::::::::: Max & The Wild Things
@ Mercy Lounge [8 off 8th]
$FREE - 21+ - 9PM

:: Little Hamilton Work Day
@ Little Hamilton
All day - Come by and help out

Tuesday September 1

:: Pineapple Explode
:::: The New Heaven The New Earth
:::::: Square People
:::::::: Action
@ The End
$5 - 18+ - 9PM

Wednesday September 2

:: Come on, babes. We know everyone is easing back into school, but really?? COME ON

Thursday September 3

:: The Toadies
:::: American Bang
:::::: Ten Out of Tenn
@ Live on the Green
$FREE - All Ages - 6:30PM

Friday September 4

:: Wooden Finger
:::: Stone Jack Jones
@ Little Hamilton
$5 - All Ages - 9PM

:: Bows & Arrows
:::: Kindergarten Circus
:::::: Spanish Bombs
@ The End
$5 - 18+ - 9PM

:: Loverboy
@ Wildhorse Saloon
$16-64 - 18+ - 6:30PM

Saturday Septepmber 5

:: Daniel Pujol
:::: Ham1
@ The 5 Spot
$TBA - 21+ - 9PM

:: Natural Child
:::: Wildcard Family Revival
:::::: The New Heaven The New Earth
@ House Pride [Murfreesboro, TN]
$TBA - All Ages - 9PM

Sunday September 6

:: Pico vs Island Trees
:::: Parachute Musical
:::::: Natalie Prass
@ 3rd and Lindsley
$7 - 21+ - 8PM

There are also a lot of great flicks being shown over at The Belcourt this week. So, if you're into that kind of thing...



It's Forever Young's birthday today so we're going to celebrate by watching a movie and eating cake! What movie are we going to watch? Mondo Manhattan, duh! It's only the greatest punk-band documentary ever about the group Chain Gang. Check out the trailer and some pictures of babies with poop all over their faces [it's not really poop, its chocolate cake!]

We're sorry about the lack of good posts around here, we're working on something big right now and you'll hear/read all about it next week. See you then!



"We're kind of busy right now, and we don't have much to say today guys. Our parents won't get off our backs about breaking these phones that they just bought for us 6 months ago. It's not our fault that we like to text while using the tiolet. Toilet. We can't go, but anyone of age should head to The Springwater to catch German Castro's last show and Kintaro. We really wish we could see German Castro, but we're too young to go tonight. But, Say la vee."

Dictated, but not read.



This is probably the most undeservingly underpromoted show of the week: Jana Hunter and Crazy Dreams Band at Dino's/Sky House. We haven't seen Jana Hunter in a while... probably when she came through a while back with Devendra Banhart. She was really cool. She wore this super shiny shirt that was covered in sequins that her friend had made for her. The music was good, too. So, yeah, definitely go check this show out tonight! And "$Donations"!? Seriously? What's to complain about if you can get away with seeing this show for less than $5?

Jana Hunter - Valkyries (mp3)

:: Jana Hunter
:::: Crazy Dreams Band
:::::: Ttotals
:::::::: Ancient Ocean
@ Skyview House [527 Skyview Drive]
$Donations - All Ages - 9PM



Our friends over at K Records just sent us a message about how they're auctioning off tons of rare K Records test pressings [Beat Happening, YACHT, Make Up, Old Time Relijun, etc.] along with a ton of other great things. The auction is to raise money for Rachel Jensen of Parenthetical Girls who just experienced a terrible tragedy when 4 members of her family were involved in a fatal car accident. We're real bummed and are hoping the best for our northwest friends. Here is the message from K:
On the evening of Sunday, August 2, Rachael Jensen (keyboardist and violinist
for the Portland-based pop group Parenthetical Girls) suffered a major
tragedy: four members of her immediate family were involved in a fatal car
accident while traveling home from an annual family reunion. Her father and
two brothers were rushed to an intensive care facility, and are now in the
early stages of their recovery. Tragically, Rachael's mother Kris, 51,
passed away at the scene. Rachel and her brother Jeremy, who runs the Idaho
record label Coming in Second, have always been close to us here at K.

We have donated a stack of assorted K test pressings to the Kris Jensen
Memorial Fund. They are included in an auction that runs through next
Tuesday. To make a donation to the fund or find out more about the many
auction items, visit www.krisjensenmemorialfund.com
You can find all the items up for auction at the site above or on eBay.
If you'd like to make a donation and not bid on any of the items, you can send money here.



Remember a little while ago when we were talking about our buddies The Beets? Well, they're coming to town! In the flesh and blood! THE BEETS LIVE IN YOUR CITY! They're hitting Nashville on their way back home from a westward-bound-tour with Vivian Girls [check here for the dates]. So mark you calendars for Sunday September 20th and get your party pants ready. The last time they rolled through town at the Gingerbread House [RIP] was a ball, and we're betting that this time around won't be too different. Except maybe it'll be better since they'll have their full lineup this time. Here's some goodies to get you going...


THE BEETS/JUAN WAUTERS/WALK ON YOUR TOES from matthew volz on Vimeo.


They're bringing along some friends with them, too. Brooklyn's Air Waves are roading-out with the boys for a few dates on the way back home and Nashville's included in that. They had a lineup change a few months ago, but from what we can tell the band is just as good, if not better, than before. They make the sweetest pop songs that make us wish we had girlfriends so we could lay around and listen to them and be like teenagers in the movies. Click below to listen to their hit "Shine On"

Air Waves - Shine On (mp3)

Venue for the show is still being figured out, but here is the bill as of today:

:: The Beets <---- Jackson Heights, NY glue fiends :::: Air Waves <---- Brooklyn, NY :::::: Natural Child



So we're exactly one month away from the kickoff of this year's GonerFest in Memphis, and we wanted to highlight a couple of bands that we highly suggest checking out and keeping an eye on. I mean, we like most every band playing the festival this year, but still, check these babies out...

Woven Bones hail from Austin, TX and are one of those bands that seems to be doing everything right. Most of their music is like pop songs drenched in white noise and then covered with ghosts. But really rock and roll - punk ghosts. Seriously. And they've definitely caught the eyes/ears of quite a few people: going on tour soon with our faves The Spits, putting out 7"s on Needless/HoZac/Sweet Rot, and doing a split with Jacuzzi Boys. Plus, the artwork for their releases is so aesthetically pleasing [that picture up there is the cover for their Janie 7"]. Mmmmm... Anyways, check out this video and a couple tracks from the boys and then you'll understand.

woven bones | yr sorcery from oswald james on Vimeo.

Woven Bones - Janie (mp3)
Woven Bones - Your Sorcery (mp3)

These guys rule. We wish every band from France were this good. The first time through Yussuf Jerusalem's LP A Heart Full of Sorrow [out now on Florida's Dying], you'd never think that all those tracks came from the same band. One track can be a fuzzy peach-pop song and then the next is a Roky Erikson-esque jam. Either way, these boys know their way around the gamut. They know how to play the mystery game, too, and seem kind of obsessed with cave-dwelling, black-hooded jihadists. Atleast the art makes us think that. Click below to give your ears a little taste.

Yussuf Jeruslaem - We Ain't Coming Back (mp3)

Yussuf Jerusalem - With You in Mind (mp3)

We've heard a little rumor around town that these two bands might make their way through our fair city leading up to Goner this year. We really hope so. We'll let you know if/when that hearsay becomes fact or fiction.


We meant to write about this earlier but our teachers are really swamping us with homework this semester. Algebra!? What a hassle. Anyways... If you didn't already know, Nashville has become kind of a hot-spot for noise bands/shows. Our buddies over at Stay Away From Ghosts [SAFG] have been putting on a bunch of really great shows over at the Greenwomb [1030 40th Ave. N], we talked about that one a while ago and plan to keep telling you about them. Like this one!!

Halflings - live @ Hazzard St from Breathmint on Vimeo.

Tonight brings Halflings to town. Watch the video above to get an idea of the power-electronic sounds that these dudes pack. And rounding out the bill are Ladie Land in Flames [feat. members of many Nashville bands], The Rapier [Comic Book Villain], and No Compassion [Reid Barber from Reid and Wright's solo project]. Not sold yet? There's a keg. Still not sold? Fuck off.

:: Halflings
:::: Ladie Land in Flames
:::::: The Rapier
:::::::: No Compassion
@ The Greenwomb
$5 - All Ages - 9PM


You're getting it a little early because this week is the "Back to School" week for most of the college kids around town, so hopefully this means there will be some new faces at the shows. Not that we don't like the regular faces. It's just, you know, good to see some new blood out sometimes. Whatever. We had our first week of highschool this past week. Check out these awesome jeans we got that've got everyone in school going nuts. Anyways... here you go!

Monday August 24

:: The Weight <----- Brooklyn, NY
:::: Mang Chung
:::::: Double Super Crazy Motherfuckers
@ The Springwater
$5 - 21+ - 9PM

:: Halflings
:::: Ladie Land in Flames
:::::: The Rapier
:::::::: No Compassion
@ The Greenwomb
$5 - All Ages - 9PM [confirmed keg]

:: Steve Earle
:::: Allison Moorer
@ The Belcourt
$35 - All Ages - 7:30PM

Tuesday August 25

:: Dolcim
:::: Monolith
:::::: Dawn
@ Little Hamilton
$3 - All Ages - 8PM

:: David Mead [in-store performance]
@ Grimey's New & Pre-Loved Record Store
$FREE - All Ages - 6PM

:: Paper Hats
:::: Mass at Dawn
:::::: Forrest Bride
@ Betty's Grille
$FREE - 9:30PM

:: Fahri <----- Madison, WI
:::: Hot Garbage <------ Chicago, IL
:::::: Natural Child
:::::::: Kintaro
@ Open Lot Gallery [1307 Jewell St.]
$TBA - All Ages - 8PM

Wednesday August 26

:: We couldn't find ANYTHING worth mentioning here. If you've got something, let us know.

Thursday August 27

:: Jana Hunter
:::: Crazy Dreams Band
:::::: Ttotals
:::::::: Ancient Ocean
@ The Sky House [527 Skyview Drive]
$Donations - All Ages - 9PM

:: Charlie Daniels Band
@ Wildhorse Saloon
$You're not going to go - 18+ - 9PM

Friday August 28 [with dueling Michael Jackson birthday shows, whose birthday is actually the 29th! Go to Little Hamilton's. Seriously. Forever Young has the same birthday as Michael Jackson. And GG Allin and John McCain and John Locke.]

:: German Castro <----- Last show
:::: Kintaro
:::::: Across Tundras
@ The Springwater $5 - 21+ - 9PM

:: Michael Jackson's Birthday Party
@ Little Hamilton Jackson
Jackson 5 Dollars [it's actually only $3, but the former sounds better] - All Ages - 9PM

:: Michael Jackson's Off The Wall
@ Mercy Lounge
$10 - 18+ - 9PM

Saturday August 29

LOJ and GIVE dropped off! Plan accordingly!
:: Lion of Judah
:::: Cannomen
:::::: GIVE
:::::::: Busted
@ Garage 308
$5 - All Ages - 7PM

:: Karoshi
:::: Sacaea
:::::: Girls in the Eighties
:::::::: Dawn
:::::::::: Sanctions
@ Little Hamilton
This is a benefit show for Soda's mom
$5 - All Ages - 7PM

:: Courtney Tidwell [in-store performance]
@ Grimey's New & Pre-Loved Records
$FREE - All Ages - 4PM

:: Michael Huff
:::: Austin Manuel
::::: Cupcake Candle Scandal
:::::::: Apache Relay
:::::::::: Will&David
:::::::::::: Diarrhea Planet
:::::::::::::: Spanish Candles
:::::::::::::::: ze Forties
:::::::::::::::::: Kopecky Family Band
:::::::::::::::::::: Joseph Thomas Howard
@ The Sweetbriar House
$FREE - All Ages - 6:30PM

Sunday August 30

:: Mavis Concave
:::: M(L)u
:::::: Marj!
:::::::: One more TBA
@ The Greenwomb
$3-5 - All Ages - 8PM

:: NPJC presents "Waging a Living"
@ Little Hamilton
$FREE - All Ages - 7PM

:: The Wallflowers
:::: Butterfly Boucher
@ Mercy Lounge
$Who cares - 18+ - $22



So yesterday before the Life Trap/Male Nurses/Spanish Candles/Kintaro show, we were hanging out with the Bostonian punks and figured: You know what bands love to do before playing a show? Get interviewed by some kids! We sat down with them and shared some words, but we didn't have a recorder or anything so this transcription is basically from memory. They probably didn't say any of this at all. Anyways....

Nashville's Dead: Male Nurses, huh?

Male Nurses: You got it.

From Boston, MA?

From Boston, MA.

You know, Nashville's hardcore scene is really not as strong as it used to be. I mean, most of the "hardcore" bands here are just metal. Not really hardcore.

Boston rules.

What's it like there?

Phenomenal. Boston's better than every other city. Boston's the best. Yeah, Boston's doing relatively well these days. [please realize this is an interview with ALL of them]

Cool, well, what other bands do you guys like?

Brainkiller, Social Circkle, Waste Management, Henchmen, Foreign Blow-J's. That band's still around?


Actually, Boston has a lot of bands going right now. There's a wave of bands right now that have defunct and started up new bands. Like Scapegoat.

Scapegoat rules. How long have you guys been around?

Year and half. Year abouts.

Were you guys friends before starting the band or did you just meet through the "scene"?

Yeah, pretty much all friends. We met PJ and Ryan (who couldn’t be here because he flew back home yesterday on a plane for some reason) through the “scene”. We’ve been in bands before and stuff

Is this the first tour for Male Nurses?

It is.

What other cities have you guys hit?

We've play cities in Connecticut, Brooklyn, Albany. This tour, we started out in Brooklyn and got there too late. We decided to play darts and played too long and got there to the show too late. We treid to pickup some chicks from France and got pretty close. We went to Philly and stayed at Tonio’s parents and his mom found about his Flipper tattoo and freaked out. We pretty much based the tour around Tonio getting circumcised; as a gift to him that his parents didn’t give him. We played a Philly show with like 3 bands, this band Daily Void who are really big. They served some Schmidt at the bar. It's some obscure beer. Then we went back to Tonio’s abode and his mom made us pancakes and because of that we were late for our show in Roanoke. And we were all busy beating off so, you know. Tonio’s up to 11 now, and PJ is in second.

Real inside scoop here.

Guess so. After Roanoke, we ventured off into the abyss of Asheville. There were some people who promised us acid and didn’t give it to us.

Asheville is hippy central. How many white people with dreds did you see?

A ton. Like 14 or 15.

Yeah. Have you guys got any recordings out?

We've got a demo tape out and we plan to record as soon as we get back form tour on Deranged Records. Name drop.

Yeah, we'll be sure to link to that.

We’re based in America.


We’ve taken two nude photos. One in front of a waterfall and the other in front of a beautiful landscape in Tennessee. There were a few cars parked there and they all left. Scared of our penises. Cowards. “I’ve never seen a bigger coward in my life.” Put that in there in quotations.

Will do. Yeah, STSCy told us all about you guys.

Cy, good man. Yeah, we're looking forward to playing with Life Trap and the other bands on the roster.

MALE NURSES (L to R): Standing: PJ [drums], Con [lead guitar],
Nick [sings], Dave [bass] Kneeling: Garrett [drive/filling in on guitar],
Tonio [circumcised]

Male Nurses are still on tour and might be coming to your city. Find out here. They're cool dudes and like good movies, so party hard with them.



Tonight brings back Useless Eaters to Nashville. They're playing with Natural Child, Cannomen, and Bad Cop at Garage 308. If you didn't catch them last time they were here at Little Hamilton, you really ought to do what you can to make it out tonight to the East side and get your fill. We made a post about them earlier here. Come and find us there!

:: Useless Eaters <----- Memphis babes
:::: Cannomen
:::::: Natural Child
:::::::: Bad Cop
@ Garage 308
$3 - All Ages - 8PM


We don't typically do this, but we figured: who cares? We were going to make a post about tomorrow night's Life Trap/Male Nurses show, but instead our pal Sound Tribe Sector Cy decided to say a few words. Check it out below.

LIFE TRAP IS PLAYING TOMORROW!! It's gonna be a house SHOW! Last time they played was more than a few months ago and every body that has seen them knows how crazy their shows are. It's going to be off Glendale where the Cannomen played their first show. It's an awesome basement with a bar and a stage. Anyone going to the Useless Eaters show will recognize front man Seth Dookie Jones playing guitar again in the Life Trap. You don't want to miss this.

Also playing - THE BOSTON PUNX ARE COMING!!! Boston's very own Male Nurses will be playing their first show in the south. They have a record coming out on Deranged soon and anyone into the Life Trap/ No Way 80's Hardcore revival thing will eat them up.

and - SPANISH CANDLES. The house band of the Glendale house has been getting steadily more popular. unfortunately their drummer Cam Sarrett will be living abroad for four months in...you guessed it Spain. So this will be one of there last show for a few months. They are a pretty bad ass pop punk band of sorts (the good kind) and they should be great.

Let's not forget - KINTARO. (The tits had to cancel) These guys have thankfully stepped up to fill in for this show. former and present members of Meemaw, Cannomen, Turbo Fruits, yadda yadda yadda. Wether they like it or not they are known for their sound which is almost always described as a mix between The Replacments and Jawbreaker. They have an e.p. out now availble all around town.

Thanks STSCy! We can't wait for the show!

:: Life Trap [back from the dead!]
:::: Male Nurses <----- Boston hardcore!
:::::: Spanish Candles
:::::::: Kintaro [Tits cancelled]
@ Glendale House [919 Glendale Ln]
$3 - All Ages - 8PM


We just got word that KISS are going to be playing the Sommet on October 28. We can't tell you how many times we've listened to Destroyer in our lives, probably a million times, but we've never seen them. Well, one of us saw them along time ago [it was the first show he'd ever been to, lucky] And whenever people ask us: If you could see any band in concert right now, who would it be? We always say "KISS!" That's the truth. We heard about them coming to town a while ago but couldn't confirm it until now. They'll be touring in support of their new album Sonic Boom [hits WalMart & Sam's Club Oct. 6] and tickets go on sale September 19 through Ticketmaster. Apparently the new album is a 3-Disc deal including the new album, a CD of re-recorded hits, and a DVD. Bang for your buck? Duh. Check out one of our favorite KISS/Ace Frehley tracks below.

Ace was the one responsible for getting the "SS" in "KISS" to resemble the "SS" of the SS Army. Yeesh. There's a good radio webcast our friends over at StreetCarnage did that you can listen to here.

WE ARE 138

WHOA! We just got word that MISFITS are playing at 527 Main Street in Murfreesboro on Dec. 1. See you there in 4 months!



Bad Sports

Last night's show! It went gangbusters! Those boys at The Glenn Danzig House have really done a number on that place and made it one of our new favorite spots for shows. They run a pretty tight ship, too. They said the show would start around 8:30 and end around 11:00.... Heavy Cream wrapped up right around 11:00. Imagine that. A showspace that says 8:00 and means 8:00? Everyone can get down with a little bit of reliability.

The show opened up with Natural Child, who just keep getting better and better. They started off with "Guns and Rosebeds" and the hits kept flowing from there. Our particular favorites were the songs about a train-punk named Dogbite and the one about doing crack. Don't do crack. We really don't see any sign of these rock and rollers slowing down anytime soon. At least, we don't want them to. They're playing a couple more shows this week so go out and peep that shit: Thursday at Garage 308 with Useless Eaters and Saturday with Velvet Davenport.

Up next were Cannomen (is it "The Cannomen" or just "Cannomen"?) The supergroup, comprised of members of Life Trap, Murdock, Kintaro, and Hollywood, has really taken Nashville by storm in the last few months. It's pretty easy to see why, too. Their live show is a whirlwind of fast punk songs that don't let up for a second. Seriously. They played a 20-minute set and we weren't able to blink for fear of missing anything. They're playing that Useless Eaters show too, so go check them out. And definitely be sure to go to the Life Trap show this Friday.

Third on the bill were our Denton, TX faves Bad Sports. Man. We were not ready for that. Seriously. Not ready. I mean, we did not expect them to be that good. Don't get us wrong, we we're expecting them to be really badass, but not like that. They were definitely the highlight of the night and we think most anyone there would agree with that. If they don't, it's probably because they're lying or because of some personal vendetta but whatever. Trust us. They killed their set and if they come to your town or if they come back here, do yourself a favor and go. Check out the rest of their dates and pick up their 7" here.

Closing out the night was Heavy Cream. They're so dreamy. They played all their #1 top-of-the-charts singles [Lava Lamp, Tina, Stiff Lick, etc.] along with a couple covers [School Days, Stab Your Back], and, as always, the ladies ruled. The last few times we've seen them they've been really tight with their tunes and last night was no exception. It looks like after this weekend they're taking a well-deserved little break, so be sure to check them out on the 22nd at the Asphalt Beach Skate Shop.

All around great show, we can't wait to see what Glenn Danzig's got in store for us next time. Here are some more pictures from the show by our baby-bopper-hunny Bekah Cope:

Bad Sports


Natural Child

Heavy Cream


Those Local Honey babes sure know how to throw a good day-party. This past Saturday they hosted a yard sale/show/party and it was really boss. We hung out with some friends and watched them play their jams and got bit by mosquitos and then we went to The Dog and filled our sun-dried tummies. We can't really think of a better way to spend a hot summer Saturday. Check out some Caitlin Rose and Denney & The Jets photos after the jump.

Denney & The Jets

Caitlin Rose

We're bummed we don't have pictures of the other bands that played that day (The Tits, Kindergarten Circus, Pree, How Cozy, Country Music, and Heavy Cream) but film is expensive. Thanks Shea & Carmen, you ladies are top-notch.



Next Monday brings our burgeoning city something that we're so renowned for: real country music. For the last good long while, we've been infiltrated with fake glam country and it makes us want to vomit. Where is the twang? Where are the booze-hound, womanizing cowboys with big hearts [not that we like womanizing or anything]? It'll be at The Springwater on August 24th when Brooklyn's The Weight come to town. Most of these fellas hail from Atlanta, GA; so when you hear the southern drawl don't automatically assume it to be a fake. They play the kind of country music that makes you want to crack open a couple Bud-heavys and kick back on the porch and yell at your neighbors. In other words, the good kind of country that we've been missing. The Weight have a record out on Colonel/TeePee Records. Pick it up and love it and we'll see you at the Springwater. Check out their myspace and an episode of them on VBS's Practice Space below.

We promised that we'd get this up soon. And we do not break our promises! We break them sometimes. Whatever. Click the "More" link to see the rundown of shows this week. There's a bunch of Natural Child and Spanish Candles going on... sounds like a good week to us. Our top shows this week have got to be: 1. BAD SPORTS tonight at Glenn Danzig's House and 2. LIFE TRAP [back from the dead] with awesome Bostonians MALE NURSES at Glendale House. Be sure to be there!

Tuesday August 18

:: Bad Sports <------ Denton, TX
:::: Cannomen
:::::: Heavy Cream
:::::::: Natural Child
@ Glenn Danzig's House
$3-5 - All Ages - 8PM

:: Cacaw <------ Chicago, IL (ex-Coughs)
:::: M(L)u
:::::: Others TBA
@ Little Hamilton
$5 - All Ages - 9PM

:: Sugar Ray
:::: Fastball
@ Wildhorse Saloon
$More than it's worth - 18+ - 9PM

:: The Heartless Bastards
:::: The Colour Revolt
@ Exit/In
$14 - 18+ - 9PM

Wednesday August 19

:: Daniel Pujol
:::: Memes
:::::: Birth Control
@ The Muse
$3 - 18+ - 8PM

:: Diacon
:::: Panthers
:::::: Conestyle
:::::::: Band Viewers
@ Little Hamilton
$5 - All Ages - 8PM

:: Fiery Furnaces
:::: White Rabbits
@ Mercy Lounge
$15 - 18+ - 9PM

:: Natalie Prass
:::: Maureen Murphy
:::::: Sharon Koltick
:::::::: SWJ
:::::::::: Spoken Word Jen
::::::::::: Like 5 other bands
@ The Rutledge
$5 - 18+ - 7PM

Thursday August 20

:: Useless Eaters
:::: Cannomen
:::::: Natural Child
:::::::: Spanish Candles
::::::::::: Bad Cop
::::::::::::: Sound Tribe Sector Cy
@ Garage 308
$TBA - All Ages - 8PM

:: Bike-in Movie Theater
@ Little Hamilton
FREE - All Ages - 8PM

Friday August 21

:: Life Trap
:::: Male Nurses <----- Boston, MA [awesome hardcore DO NOT MISS]
:::::: Kintaro
:::::::: Spanish Candles
@ Glendale House [919 Glendale - the corner of Glendale & Soper]
$3 - All Ages - 8PM

:: Dawn
:::: TBA
@ Little Hamilton
$TBA - All Ages - 8PM

Saturday August 22

:: Velvet Davenport
:::: Natural Child
:::::: Daniel Pujol
:::::::: Spanish Candles
@ Garage 308
$3 for guys $2 for girls [is this some kind of lame frat party?] - All Ages - 8PM

:: Power Pill Fist
:::: Marj!
:::::: Gnarwhal
:::::::: Mother Whale Eyeless
:::::::::: Spelling Bee
@ Little Hamilton
$5 - All Ages - 8PM

:: Herry Merry
:::: The Mattoid
:::::: Leslie Keffer
::::::: Amanda Green
:::::::: Lucian OG
@ The Springwater
$TBA - 21+ - 9PM

Sunday August 23

:: Hands Off Cuba
:::: Stone Jack Jones
:::::: Lionlimb <----- Chicago, IL
@ Little Hamilton
$Donations - All Ages - 8PM


We told you guys yesterday that we lost one of our photographers to China [bummer] but we also told you that we've got ourselves a new photographer! Her name's Bekah Cope. You can call her Barekah Copebama. She's been shooting photos of shows in the Nashville area for almost a decade now, and so we figured we can't lose with her. As of late, she's kind of adopted a new technique with her photos and we think they're pretty great. Check out some of these other shots and you'll see why we're so stoked to have her on board:

Heavy Cream


Natural Child Promo

The Black Lips

JEFF the Brotherhood Live & Promo

Awesome, right? Yeah. But! This doesn't mean we don't want more photographers! Send us an email at nashvillesdead@gmail.com if you want to be a part of something mediocre!