We hope you all have a spooky Halloween. And if you don't already have plans, we suggest checking out Little Hamilton tonight. Those babes have been working hard all week to setup for the party tonight. Here are the deets:

Little Hamilton's Abandoned Asylum Halloween Party!

:: Forrest Bride
:::: Lylas
:::::: Joy Division
:::::::: The Misfits

DJ Danger + Super Deadly Dance Party!

Potluck at 7
Music starts at 8
$3 - All Ages

Sound good? We think so [Except maybe not the Joy Division part. Feels like everywhere we go these days people think they gotta play some Joy Division to be cool. We like Joy Division, we write papers about them at school, but come on DJs ---- less Smiths + Joy Division] Oh, and thanks Bekah C for zombifying those photos for us.



We mentioned this yesterday, but we figured we should elaborate further since there are SO many new bands playing the show. Natural Child just got back from their first tour [which ruled] and played with Black Lips last night, but tonight is their official release show for their debut 7" [Out on Infinity Cat Records] You probably knew most of that, though. Here's the low on all the other bands playing tonight:

Two bad boys at heart trying to buy their way into the rock and roll world. Expect them to accomplish that goal by the end of the year. While one jams out the licks on his guitar, the other sings about high school, teenage frustrations, hot dogs.... yeah, hot dogs. They played an impromptu show in Murfreesboro a while back, so feel lucky you're getting the heads up on their performance tonight.

Another two-piece rock and roll troupe featuring members of JEFF and Heavy Cream. From what we can tell, these babies love their food. And their rock and roll. This is their debut show and is sure to be a treat. Don't miss it.

So Jazzy is a rag-tag group of teenage babies fleshing out short, sweet, chuggy jams. This is their first show too. Ready for some math? Think ESG+Beach Boys+fuzz+no one really knows what they're doing. That's kind of what it's like.

I don't know how they did it, but somehow they managed to get THE Glenn Danzig to perform at the show tonight. And he's only doing the Misfits hits that we all know and love. He's got some of Heavy Cream backing him up. Devil locks.

And then Natural Child finishes off the night! So there you go! The boys at Glenn Danzig's have requested that people dress up and come in costumes [All the bands will be dressed up too] The show costs $5, but YOU GET A FREE 7" WHEN YOU WALK IN! How rad is that!? Be there at 8PM SHARP

:: Natural Child
:::: The Glenn Danzigs
:::::: So Jazzy
:::::::: The Crumbs
:::::::::: Ben Steine's Money
@ Glenn Danzig's House
$5 - All Ages - 8PM
Yo bay-beeeeez. Did you listen in today? We played some R. Stevie Moore and lots of other goodies for you. Yeah, JUST for you. What's that? You missed it? You... missed... it? Ugh. Whatever, check out what you missed:
  • Times New Viking // Martin Luther King Day
  • Stains // Pretty Girls
  • Genocide // Bad Name
  • Helmet // Rumble
  • The Freeze // Guilty Face
  • Coin Under Tongue // This Flag is a Scythe
  • Gastunk // Devil
  • Savage Grace // Bound to be Free
  • Moskow // Too Much Commotion
  • Descendents // I Like Food
  • Jacuzzi Boys // Planet of The Dreamers
  • The Mekons // Work All Week
  • Sisters // Street Cars
  • R. Stevie Moore // Ready Set Grow [Disco Version]



A couple weeks ago, TV Ghost rolled through town and shattered dreams down at Betty's. We weren't there [We were out of town, otherwise we totally would've been there] but they boys passed along a little tape to our best bud Nathan. He then mentioned it to us and we both feel like it'd be a real shame to let this tape go without mention here. The cassette [out on Dry Well Records] features a few tracks from Argentina's Eel Life Cycle [we're not totally convinced on the Argentina thing...] and it's some of the best stuff we've heard in a long time. Like really though. It's really really good. Here's what they had to say about it over at Offensive Blogging [One of our favorite new sites]:
The special thing was the tape i bought off jackson the drummer of tv ghost and it is by a group called EEL LIFE CYCLE and the music and lyrics are inspiring to say the least. one song is totally about tears for fears. highly suggest checking both bands out. i know tv ghost is from lafayette indiana and i don’t know where eel life cycle is from. that was friday.

the top quote is the title of the first song off of legendary CHROME’s 3rd record HALF MACHINE LIP MOVES

“everybody wants to rule the world”

Seriously babes, check it out. There are only 100 cassettes of this gem, so go here and get it before they're all gone.


Hello favorites, we are super swamped with things today and there are only so many of us that can write on here so... yeah. But! We just wanted to let you know about some things coming up that we'll write more about in the next day or so:
  • NATURAL CHILD, who just returned from a great tour, are having their 7" release party tomorrow night at Glenn Danzig's House with 3-4 bands that have never played shows before. But that doesn't mean you won't recognize the people in the bands. Well, you might not... because some of them will be in costumes. It's only $5 and you get a free copy of the 7" when you walk in!
  • CMJ Festival was super rad and wore us out real bad. But we'd do it again in a second and we've got pages and pages of notes documenting the whole trip that we'll put up later. No matter how legible they are.
  • Our #1 mami Bekah Cope has been working on some special Halloween pictures for you guys, so get ready!
We'll probably make posts about the other usual things [New musics, bad jokes, etc.] Until then, let's all go see The Black Lips tonight at Mercy Lounge and party hard! Like these guys.



It seems like everyone is pinching the soggy cheeks of the Underwater Peoples crew [Home to Real Estate, Alex Bleeker & The Freaks, Ducktails, Julian Lynch, etc.] these days. Shit, even those Washington Post babies are in on it. And, now we are too. I mean, we've been fans for a while now and brought Real Estate to town after SXSW last year and had a ball; but now the same guys are making great music as Ducktails and Bleeker's Freaks and blowing everyone's brains out. They're floating across the country this month and might maybe be hitting Nashy on their way home [We're working on it, alright!?] So check them out and pick up their records. They've got ALL the HITS! Here's a video they shot recently for FADER.

Be sure to check out the rest of the series featuring performances of Real Estate, Ducktails, and more Freaks

Yeah! Underwater! Butterxface! Woo!


Our favorite Atlanta bad boys are coming back to town tomorrow night at Mercy Lounge and we can't think of a better way to get ready for the Halloween weekend. The last time they rolled through town was for the Those Darlins record release party, and if you were there then you know how rowdy it got. Expect nothing less this time around. They just wrapped up a few stints at CMJ and seem primed to play a few more stateside dates before jumping overseas. There was also an Almighty Defenders show or two at CMJ last weekend, so maybe we'll get treated to a couple evil-gospel jams [Fingers are crossed so hard] Anyways, check out the video below for an idea of how tomorrow night should go.

The Black Lips - Hippys [mp3]

:: The Black Lips
:::: Turbo Fruits
:::::: Natural Child
@ Mercy Lounge
$12 - 18+ - 8PM

The Black Lips have lots of European dates lined up. Check them out here. They also have lots of 7"s and LPs. Pick them up here.


So, tonight the Knights In Satan's Service are gracing the stage at The Sommet. We feel kinda like these guys because we're ticketless on the day of the show. Not because it's sold out or anything, we just can't scrape up enough ghetty green to get ourselves into the party [It's a sad life when you can't find $20 for a KISS ticket] The alternate plan is that we go out tonight and find a couple of stellas and convert them. I mean, that kind of embodies the ideals of KISS to a tee, don't you think? Yeah.

Here's an interview our buddies over at StreetCarnage did a while ago with Paul Stanley. It's great. We posted it a looong time ago when we first mentioned KISS coming to town, but here it is again.



What a shame. I know we're a little late on this, but I wasn't able to say anything about it from the road, so yeah. The babies never made their way to Nashville, but we caught them oodles of times at SXSW last year. They were even nice enough to sneak us into one of their shows a couple years ago [Thanks again, bebes] We know what most people think when they hear "girl punk" but Mika Miko are solid all-around. I'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear from the girls. I hope. Anyways, you can pick up their goodies from PPM or our favorite LA shop Ooga Booga. We really recommend it.

That video's from PPM's "New Video Works" Pick that up too. It rocks and rolllls! The babies split due to "personal differences and other projects". You know, the uzshe [Still trying to figure out a good way to spell uzshe when trying to shorten "usual". Help?] Thanks Mika Miko. You will be missed.


Here's a little interviewdeo that the Brothers JEFF did after the Infinity Cat Showcase last weekend up at CMJ. We were there and it was the bee's knees. We were so there that you can even see DD scoop ForeverYoung up and let him surf the riffage. I feel like we should almost apologize for all the JEFF oriented posts we've been doing lately, but what can you do when your favorite band is starting to get the recognition they finally deserve? Yeah...


It's hard for us [or anyone else] to talk about anything other than JtB right now, but two albums we've been super stoked for are about to rise from the swamps of Florida: Jacuzzi Boys' No Seasons [out tomorrow on Florida's Dying] and TeePee's debut LP [available now on Senzei]

We've talked about Jacuzzi Boys a ton around here, so, if you've been paying attention, you're already aware of the babies' ability to infiltrate your brainwaves and stay there for days. They've put out a million 7"s in the past year or so, but none of the singles found their way onto No Seasons [except for "Island Ave"] Which means there are 11 new killer tracks that you probably haven't heard. Probably. That photo up there is the artwork [Say what you will, the record's tight] And don't be too surprised if we say that Gabriel and the boys will be rolling through town sometime soon...... Pick up their album here.

We blagged about TeePee a while ago when we did that big Florida post [The good days. Amiright??] But he just released his debut LP, Morals, on Senzei Records and it's great for this time of year. It's hauntingly catchy with synthy-bits and drum machines and sad songs. I mean, what else would you want to listen to on a rainy Halloween? We're total supporters of the DIY aesthetic around here, so we were stoked to learn that the whole record was recorderd/mixed/made by TeePee along with the artwork and inserts and released on his label. Talk about work ethic. Only 500 copies of the LP were pressed, so get on it here.

TeePee - I Told You So [mp3]


Wait, October ends this week? Didn't it just start? Guess that's just proof as to how many good shows have gone down this month, otherwise time wouldn't have passed so quickly. How's abouts this though... Let's blow October up and finish it in the biggest way possible. Cool? Cool.

Monday October 26

:: Touche Amore
:::: Modern Hell
:::::: Demeanor
:::::::: Karoshi
@ Rcktwn
$TBA - All Ages - 8PM

:: Chris Crofton
:::: Guitar Bomb
:::::: Jaw
:::::::: The Sweet Ones
@ Springwater
$5 - 21+ - 9PM

:: Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele
:::: The Only Good Thing About the 40s
:::::: The Kingston Springs
[Gotta love bands with too-long names, right? Eh.]
@ The End
$6 - 18+ - 9PM

:: Lenny Kravitz
:::: K'NAAN
@ Ryman Auditorium
$TBA - All Ages - 7:30PM

Tuesday October 27

:: Hanson
:::: Hello Goodbye
:::::: Sherwood
@ Wildhorse Saloon
$30-75 - 18+ - 6PM

:: Totally Michael
:::: Marj!
:::::: Wright's Jambliyeah Fest
@ The End
$5 - 18+ - 9PM

Wednesday October 28

:::: Buckcherry
@ The Sommet Center
$Scalp it baby - All Ages - 8PM

:: Kevin Nealon
@ Zanie's Comedy Club
$25 - 21+ - 7PM

Thursday October 29

:: Black Lips
:::: Turbo Fruits
@ Mercy Lounge
$12 - 18+ - 9PM

:: Califone [CANCELLED]
:::: Hands Off Cuba
$TBA - 21+ - 8PM

:: Five For Fighting
@ The Belcourt
$TBA - All Ages - 8PM

Friday October 30

:: Natural Child
:::: Shredders
:::::: The Crumbs
:::::::: So Jazzy
:::::::::: Ben Steine's Money
@ Glenn Danzig's House
$5 - All Ages - 8PM

:: Jandek
:::: The Mattoid
@ The Basement
$TBA - 21+ - 8PM

:: Matt Friction & The Cheap Shots
:::: Chris Crofton
:::::: Tallest Trees
:::::::: The Zut Alors
@ Mercy Lounge
$TBA - 18+ - 9PM

:: Herman Dune
:::: Wye Oak
:::::: Julie Doiron
:::::::: Caitlin Rose
@ The End
$8 - 18+ - 9PM

Saturday October 31

@ Little Hamilton

:: The Avett Brothers
:::: Nicole Atkins
:::::: The Black Sea
@ Ryman Auditorium
$TBA - All Ages - 8PM

Sunday November 1

:: Dawn
:::: Brainwreck
:::::: Sanctions
:::::::: Grandmother
:::::::::: 1 More TBA
@ Little Hamilton
$5 - All Ages - 8PM

:: Paramore
:::: Paper Route
@ Ryman Auditorium
$TBA - All Ages - 7:30PM


So those JEFF babes are sure getting loads of attention these days [and that's just from BV] Even a lot of the local nay-sayers are starting to come around [We know it's about being cool, but we're just glad that you guys are capable of realizing when you're wrong about something and willing to make a change.] The attention is much deserved though. I mean, show us a harder working band right now. The babies just played like one million shows at CMJ this year, and are cranking out video after video. Here's their latest for "U Got The Look" which was directed by Brad Holland

JEFF the Brotherhood - U Got The Look from Brooklyn Vegan on Vimeo.

We caught a sneak peak at their next video, and we'll just say that it makes us want to cry when we watch it. Fuck, babes, it makes us want to cry when we hear it. If you haven't already.... here.



Oh Arnold, you might be the only one who can sympathize with how I'm feeling right now. Check back tomorrow for lots of new posts and newsy tidbits. And for corrected posts/posts with more pictures [How anyone could think that KISS is playing on Oct. 21 is beyond me. And did someone seriously post a video of that crab-core bologna?? I mean, I know they did it as a joke, but that's the last joke I want to see] Anyways, here's to a loooong night of editing!

Photo courtesy of Holland Nix



We'll, today's the day. Our bags are packed, our plane is booked, and mommy's already kissed us goodbye. See you in four days! [Or sooner, if you go to the Charleston in Brooklyn this Friday night]



The world's first annual Heavy Day was a blast: Cy was raw, The Looking Glass left us trippin', and Grooms made us wish we could make sounds like that. JEFF really took the cake though, with their 42 minutes and 28 seconds of pure unadulturated HEAVY DAYS from start to finish. Here are photos from Bekah Cope documenting the celebration of the release of this year's best album [Yeah, we said it. You know what else we'll say? The decade's best album. Eat it, Animal Collective]

Cy Barkley

The Looking Glass [or as we like to call them: The Move (reincarnated)


JEFF the Brotherhood

If that's not enough photos for you, you can head over to BrooklynVegan where our buddy Paul Birman put up some of his photos. They rule. Heavy Days rules.



Isn't this a great picture of Peter Criss? Listen rockers, we have some news for you: KISS is coming to town! They were my first concert, I remember my stepmother driving me to the Starwood when I was the tender age of last year. ZO2 opened, followed by pre-Rock of Love Poison. KISS was amazing, and the drunk dude sitting next to me kept on showing me his new pilot's liscense. He said he didn't have to drive anymore, so he gave me his Florida learner's permit so I could buy beer when I turn fourteen. Anyways, KISS is awesome, they're playing the Sommet Center this Wednesday. Come, and join the KISS Army.

:::: Buckcherry (gross!)
@The Sommet Center
$80+ - All Ages - 7:30


No Compassion came and played music it listens to. It was like super fun.

A BIT STRANGER [10/15/09]
  • Chrome // Perfumed Metal
  • A Cold Wave Band // So Young, But So Cold
  • The Cure // One Hundred Years [request]
  • No Trend // Reality Breakdown
  • Human Puppets // Faces (Behind Walls and Closed Doors)
  • Anne Clarke // Heaven
  • Brainbombs // Insects
  • Hairy Pussy // Youth Problems
  • Killing Joke // Pssyche
  • Halflings // Trigger Fixation
  • Artery // Afterwards


One time I was in Brooklyn and I saw Monotonix at the Siren Music Festival and it was probably one of the more crazy shows I've been too, but the whole time I thought how much better they would be in a club. Sure, it's great for bands and festivals make for great photo-ops, but big crowds like the one at Siren kinda kill the concert experience for me. Especially when we saw them a couple years ago at Springwater and they blew our guts out. Plus their guitarist kept on elbowing me in the face at Siren. The last time they rolled through our fair city was no exception to the havoc their known for causing. They split a bill with hometown heros Silver Jews [Dave Berman, if you read this, please know that you mean more to me than you'll ever know. Never know.] You remember that show. Go see them and welcome back Turbo Fruits from a hearty tour.

:: Monotonix
:::: JEFF the Brotherhood
:::::: Turbo Fruits
@ Exit/In
$12 - 18+ - 9PM



Oh man. If there were ever any question as to whether the Infinity Cat Showcase was the best showcase of Next Big Nashville, you better believe no one's wondering about it now. That was the best show this town has seen all year [regardless of local or touring acts] You're a lucky city, Nashville. Very lucky. Check out photos from Bekah Cope below [We only employ photographers that can get down in the gritty. Sometimes this leads to the flash getting knocked around and light leaks. But, whatever, those JEFF pictures look like they're playing in Hell]
Wright's Jambliyeah Fest

Cy Barkley

The Cannomen

Denney & The Jets

Daniel Pujol & His Beaus

Natural Child

Heavy Cream

JEFF the Brotherhood

You don't have to take our word that this show ruled balls. The pictures justify that enough. The night ended with a surprise set by the one and only Sound Tribe Sector Cy, who successfully croudsurfed his keyboard and himself while playing his song. Oh shit. Thanks for choosing Infinity Cat.