This is probably the most undeservingly underpromoted show of the week: Jana Hunter and Crazy Dreams Band at Dino's/Sky House. We haven't seen Jana Hunter in a while... probably when she came through a while back with Devendra Banhart. She was really cool. She wore this super shiny shirt that was covered in sequins that her friend had made for her. The music was good, too. So, yeah, definitely go check this show out tonight! And "$Donations"!? Seriously? What's to complain about if you can get away with seeing this show for less than $5?

Jana Hunter - Valkyries (mp3)

:: Jana Hunter
:::: Crazy Dreams Band
:::::: Ttotals
:::::::: Ancient Ocean
@ Skyview House [527 Skyview Drive]
$Donations - All Ages - 9PM


rich said...

hey, nashville's dead. this post has nothing to do with jana hunter, and i apologize for that. i just stumbled across your blog, and it seems like you folks actually know what's going on. i'm trying to book a date in nashville for my band whatever brains in october and i was wondering if you could point me in any kind of direction. i'd be forever indebted. thanks! myspace.com/whateverbrains
rkivey atttttttt gmail daaaatttt com

Anonymous said...

Are you in Double Negative? Get Double Negative to come down here!

Anonymous said...

not in double negative, but they are friends of ours. i'd have mentioned your post had i seen it before i ran into one of the dudes last night. i'll pass the message along next time i see one of them, though. they're about as good of a live hardcore band you'll ever see.


Anonymous said...

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