That old showspace, The Precinct, that we told you about earlier is officially back. However, it's now being referred to as Glenn Danzig's House, which is way better. The first show will be August 18th and features everyone's buddies Cannomen and Natural Child along with some really dirty bad-boys from Denton, TX Bad Sports. Not many bills come more solid than that.

In honor of this ressurrection/transitioning/morph, we give you this....

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NowhereFast said...

My band Nowhere Fast (Louisville, KY) and Relics (Staten Island, N.Y.) are doing a small run together in January. We were wondering if you could help us with a show on Saturday, January 29th? We have had the pleasure of playing with bands such as Strung Out, The Ataris, Street Dogs,Rule 22, The Revision Plan, Hold Tight, Scene of Irony, Teenage Bottle Rocket, Cobra Skulls, 5 Days Dirty, Hit The Switch, Blacklist Royals, A Loss For Words, and Cruiser Weight to name a few. Thank you for your time.

Seth Robinson