We guess it's just a So-Cal kind of week [Ty, Splinters, now Beaters... yeesh] Anyways, Beaters are from San Diego, where lo-fi runs like rivers and the punks spring up like wildflowers. They've got one release to their namesake right now, the Fishage 7" on Single Screen Records/Volar Records [Craig from Xmas Island's label], but they've got a whole handful of others chalked up for the near future [Including another 7" on Zoo Music <-- run by a Dum Dum Girl and a Crocodile, a new cassette, and a CDR comp.] We haven't heard word of a tour anytime soon, but we're a-hoping and a-wishing and a-thinking a-bout it.

Pick up the Fishage 7" here.


Volar Records said...

Beaters are doing some California dates w/Spirit Photography (the other band featuring Craig and Brian from Christmas Island).

--Dec. 18--Funcastle, Sacramento, maybe w/Ganglians?

--Dec. 19--matinee show @ the Knockout, SF, w/Ty Segall

--Dec. 19--party in Oakland

--Dec. 20--Part Time Punks @ the Echo, Los Angeles

Thanks for posting!

Volar Records



This is really terrible.