This almost totally slipped our minds, but when we were doing The Rundown yesterday we remembered that Blues Control are coming to town Saturday night to play at Dino's [or Betty's?] Blues Control [who just put out a new LP, Local Flavor, on Siltbreeze and have other releases from Holy Mountain and Fusetron] are a duo from Queens who have a walkman for a drummer, use keyboards, tapes, a four-string Cort electric guitar, and effects to make all those beautiful sounds. Cool, right? They're hitting Nashville on Saturday with the Cherry Blossoms and Ttotals, which is a fucking great bill. We know there's that other big show going on over at Little Hamilton [that we'll talk about later] but this is really a show to not miss. Here's a video and little Blues Control sample for ya...

Saturday November 21
:: Blues Control
:::: The Cherry Blossoms
:::::: Ttotals
@ Betty's? Dino's? C'mon guys.
$5 - 9PM

Blues Control's got a few more dates lined up after this Saturday before they head home. Check them out here. And pick up their new LP here.


Anonymous said...

this at Dino's or Bettys? Been hearing Dinos, but Bettys is on the flyer... what in the name of fuck?

Forever Young said...
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Forever Young said...

Blues Control have it listed at Dino's

Ttotals have it listed at Betty's and the flyer says Betty's

We can't say for sure, but we're starting to think it's probably at Betty's

Anonymous said...

shits gonna be sick.